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    17 Useful Charts To Help You Find, Land, And Love The Perfect Job

    How to ace your next interview, network like a pro, and find the job you actually want.

    1. First things first: Decide on the career path you want to pursue.

    2. Use networking and job search tools (like LinkedIn) to your full advantage.

    3. Talk to people in the industry to find out where your skills could fit within it.

    4. Ask yourself what you really want and make a plan for how you are going to get it.

    5. Craft a killer resume that shows recruiters who you are quickly and effectively.

    6. Know how to walk an employer through your résumé without putting them to sleep.

    7. Get over your fear of the dreaded phone interview, because it's going to happen eventually.

    8. Prepare yourself for when the interviewer turns the meeting over to you.

    9. Asking questions is not only a great tool for proving your interest, but it's also a good way to ease any anxiety you have about the spotlight.

    10. Remember to follow up.

    11. When negotiating salary, learn how to demand that you are paid your worth — without necessarily coming off as demanding.

    12. But remember that the salary isn't the only thing that matters.

    13. Take breaks without wasting the day away.

    14. Become more efficient and less distracted to make yourself invaluable.

    15. Work hard without allowing it to be a pain in the neck.

    16. Become an expert of your craft using Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000-hour rule.

    17. Use podcasts as a way to keep tabs on your industry even when you aren't in the office.