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    14 Stain Removal Hacks We Know Actually Work Because We Tried Them

    Trust us.

    1. Rub deodorant marks off your tees and dresses with old tights.

    2. All you need to make old clothing stains vanish is dish soap + hydrogen peroxide.

    3. Or, for sweat stains: Dish soap + hydrogen peroxide + baking soda.

    4. Dish soap also works perfectly on clothing grease stains...

    5. And hydrogen peroxide for grass stains.

    6. Rescue your underwear from surprise period stains with salt + water.

    7. A heavy spritz of hairspray's all you need to easily wipe pen or marker off the walls.

    8. And nail polish remover will wipe even the most dire ink stains from your stone countertops.

    9. Accidentally spill your foundation? Eliminate the stain with baking soda.

    10. Sprinkle Bar Keeper's Friend on your stained cookware to make it clean and shiny again.

    11. Almost instantly erase wet or dry wine stains from clothing or carpet with WineAway.

    12. Or douse a carpet wine stain with white vinegar, then sprinkle with baking soda.

    13. Get chocolate, dirt, and coffee out of carpet with the help of some diluted laundry detergent.

    14. Wash accidental color-bleed stains out of white laundry using diluted bleach.