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Going On Vacation Is Hard Work So Tell Us How You Pack Your Bags

Odds are pretty good I'll forget a toothbrush.

It's summertime which means that those of us that are #blessed are going on vacation.

Unfortunately, this involves the worst, most stressful chore in the world: packing.

Between the stress of packing and the excitement of vacation I am going to be up forever tonight I do believe.

If you're a master packer, or even just an okay packer with one really helpful tip -- share your secrets!

Can you stuff your entire closet into a carry-on?

Are you a folder or a roller?

Have you Marie Kondo'ed your suitcase just like you have the rest of your life?

Do you stuff everything in your carry-on and "personal item"?

Do you strategically layer?

Do you cover your shoes in shower caps or shove stuff in the soles?

Or pack your toiletries in contact lenses?

Give your fellow jet setters a hand!

Tell us about the best packing trick you've ever tried or come up with, and why it is so effective! Even better, upload a photo via the Dropbox below. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!