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What Is The Best Makeup Hack Or Tip You've Ever Learned?

What's your secret?

Makeup lovers, we want to know your best makeup tip or hack that you've actually tried!

Did you make a template so that you get the perfect wing every time?

Or did you find a product that you found a genius use for — like using under-eye sheets to keep mascara away from where it doesn't belong?

Maybe you totally destroy your highlighter palette to get as much pigment on your brush as possible.

Or perhaps someone showed you how to fix your broken palettes and it saved you a ton of money.

Do you test foundation on your neck instead of your arm to get a better impression of the color?

Or maybe you put a literal bag over your head to keep makeup off your clothes.

When u don't wanna get makeup your shirt

And please tell me you have a good hack for applying fake eyelashes because they're the worst.

Whatever it is we want to know! Tell us about the best makeup hack you've ever tried in the Dropbox below (and share a photo if you have one!) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!