23 Genius Solutions To Issues Every Car Owner Faces

    So many people have written "wash me" in the dirt, it's almost clean.

    You practically live in your car, but sometimes you feel like you might die in it.

    1. Repurpose an empty gum package as a tiny trash bin that fits into your cupholder.

    The lid seals in any smells and you can toss the whole thing when it's full.

    2. If that is not nearly large enough for the amount of trash you and the rest of the crew acquire on a trip, you can repurpose next to anything with a lid.

    3. Use baby wipes to quickly clean your windshield and car windows. The alcohol base helps prevent streaking.

    4. If you have a kid in the back, it can feel almost impossible to keep your car clean. Prepare no-mess snacks like these frozen banana sandwiches so you can keep your focus on the road ahead.

    5. You can also make them this travel lap tray, which is great for coloring, playing games, and napping — in addition to keeping their food from destroying your interior.

    6. For especially long car trips, you can prep a whole bunch of things for them to do using a shower caddy.

    7. If their snacks (or your snacks) end up on the floor, clean them up on the fly with this portable vacuum cleaner ($21.99) that plugs right into your cigarette lighter.

    8. Easily clean up grime in your car's interior using this car cleaner, which is made out of household items.

    9. If you are #blessed to have leather seats, you can clean most stains with a mixture of warm water and dish soap.

    10. Anyone who has ever owned a car knows that getting cupholders completely crumb-free is next to impossible. Drop in silicone cupcake liners to keep them clean.

    11. Take those god-awful car mats that catch literally every ounce of dirt and toss them in the dishwasher.

    12. For road trips, keep everyone happy and all phones charged with this 4 Port USB Quick Charger ($17.99).

    13. Use non-acetone nail polish remover as a quick fix for some types of scratches.

    14. To take advantage of a spacious trunk without crushing anything or losing track of anything in the mix, build this pop-up trunk shelf.

    Stock up, no worries.

    15. Leave laundry baskets in your trunk so that you can carry all of your purchases out in one or two trips.

    16. To keep from tossing random extras into your passenger seat, fill an old travel kit or pencil case with things you can't go without, and stow it in your glove compartment.

    17. Organize all the documents that you've been nonsensically shoving in your glove compartment using an accordion folder.

    18. Make these adorable car air-fresheners and keep it smelling fresh instead of like a fake pine tree.

    19. Turn your steering wheel 180 degrees before getting out of your car on a hot day. That way, you can keep your hands at 10 and 2 without burning your hands off.

    When u live in bakersfield and its 283728829 degrees so ur steering wheel is too hot

    The steering wheel feels like it's 180 degrees because it probably is.

    20. Fill the gaps beside your seats with these neat Car Seat Catchers ($9). You will literally never lose your phone again and you have a spot to quickly stow your stuff.

    21. Keep your pooch safe in the back with this adjustable seatbelt harness ($5.99).

    22. For long drives, download SitOrSquat. It tells you where to find public restrooms along your route.

    23. If the cold is just too darn much for your car to handle, you can use a few household items to get out of a bind.