Attention, Wawa Is The Best Gas Station Ever

    Hoagies or bust.

    Excuse me, hi, hello, I have an announcement to make.

    Wawa is a very, very good gas station and it's unfair that only six states get to indulge in this luxury, TBQH. Here's why...

    1. This is actually the cleanest, coziest gas station you could possibly walk into.

    Wawa has clean bathrooms. That's gonna be a game changer for every other gas station.

    No creepy lights flickering, snacks that look like plastic, or cats.

    2. Wawa hoagies are hauntingly good, you will long for them more than your mom's home cooking.

    someone overnight me a Wawa hoagie pls I’ll do anything I will talk on the phone with your grandma for 3 hours

    3. Probably because you have seemingly unlimited topping options to customize your hoagie to your liking.

    In addition to over 32 original hoagies, you can build your own, or just keep adding onto the existing sandwich combo. Basically, the Wawa world is your oyster.

    4. Wawa is clearly living in 3017 with their digital ordering system while I'm stuck ordering from an actual human.

    5. Oh, and they DELIVER.

    @Wawa presenting my lil shorti’s! I could eat you up I love you so. #hospitalfoodisforthebirds

    6. You can order solve your 4 a.m. drunchies with the perfect mac and cheese.

    7. And nothing can get you out of bed faster than a french toast Sizzli.

    8. And their packaged snacks are the best part of every road trip.

    9. Like their soft pretzels are very delicious, IMHO.

    Wondering how many Wawa soft pretzels I can fit into my suitcase....

    10. No matter which coffee you choose or what size you get, you pay exactly $1.

    I swear there’s no other place you can get coffee this good for $1. PLEASE OPEN IN NORTH CAROLINA @Wawa!!!

    I am OVER spending $3.62 on 16 oz of iced coffee.

    11. And they always have the TASTIEST flavors to choose from.

    @DavidDiFranco this is @Wawa best coffee flavor to date . I simply love it . #gottahava

    12. You can always find weirdly excellent deals that seem too good to be true.

    @studiobones In which any size of smoothie or otherwise slush like beverage is 2 dollars. Wawa is def a cult and i…

    13. They actually treat their people pretty well, which explains why they are all so darn pleasant.

    LITERALLY Helen at the wawa on Delsea is always dancing and singing and I LOVE HER we must protect her at all costs

    Twitter: @wawa

    Besides being #11 on Forbe's Best Retail Employer list, Wawa also has a 100% Corporate Equality Index rating with the Human Rights Campaign, the best among convenience stores. 🌈

    If you don't believe me, just listen to this guy singing my new personal theme song.

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    ♫ "If you're feelin' down / And you don't know what to do / Maybe you just need to let the Wawa service you" ♫