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    Watch Your Carrots Grow In This Hella Cool Carrot Aquarium

    What is the technical name for the ends of carrots, carrot butts?

    It's super cool that you grow your own carrots! Wanna make it even cooler?

    You'll need a few things:

    * Carrot ends (Leftovers from last night's dinner!)

    * Casserole dish

    * Plastic planter box (27 in)

    * Sharpie

    * Box cutter

    * Industrial strength glue

    * Plexiglass (26 x 8 in)


    1. Draw two vertical lines 1.5 in away from the edges of your planter box.

    2. Cut along both lines with a box cutter. Then, cut two horizontal lines to make a rectangular window.

    3. Use industrial-strength glue to attach a sheet of plexiglass to the inside of the flowerpot. Let dry overnight.

    4. Fill the planter box with soil.

    5. Plant your sprouted carrots close to the window.

    6. Watch them grow!

    Happy harvest!

    Watch the full video here:

    View this video on YouTube

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    Carrots don't actually regrow themselves. An earlier version of this post said you could use carrot greens — instead of sprouted carrot ends — which would, in fact, only grow more carrot greens. We messed up. Sorry 😬