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    12 Ways To Warm Up Your Home Without Running Up The Heating Bill

    Clean furnace filters and proper insulation will keep you feeling cozy.

    A cold home can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning...or, you know, at any time of day.

    And sadly, socks and sweaters can only do so much to keep you feeling cozy. If you're trying to save on heating costs but are sick of shivering, here are a few cheap tricks that will help warm up your home:

    1. Change out your furnace filters monthly, so your heater isn't working harder than it has to.

    2. Caulk cracks in windows to block the draft from seeping through.

    3. Hang a telescoping curtain rod to create an even more effective shield against the draft.

    4. And line your windows with bubble wrap if they're still letting out too much heat during the day.

    5. Switch the fan to turn clockwise at a low speed to help circulate any warm air.

    6. Fill a sock with rice, warm it in the microwave, and stick it under your blankets.

    7. Put a metal or ceramic bowl of water near the heat registers or radiators to create steam without a humidifier.

    8. Refrain from draining the bath until the water has completely cooled down — there's no need to waste that heat!

    9. Or leave the bathroom door open while you shower to let the humidity filter through.

    10. Lay out a dark rug so you're not tip-toeing on icy floors.

    11. Guard your door against drafts with a door stopper.

    12. And cuddle up in the smaller rooms of your home.