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    16 Tweets That'll Make You Cackle Bitterly If You're A Vegetarian

    "When people talk about how much they hate salad, they always look at me and say it offends me."

    1. Going out to eat can be a challenge at times.

    Vegetarian Option Just Iceberg Lettuce On Bread

    I don't care if it's an Onion article, it happened.

    2. But we make do with what we have.

    "This is as much a treat for me as it is for you" - Danielle, a vegetarian, at a steakhouse (surrounded by sides)

    3. And tbh, going out to eat with other vegetarians is always a joy.

    4. The holidays are always a struggle though...

    When you're the only vegetarian at thanksgiving

    5. ...because of that one relative who always seems to misunderstand the concept of "no meat."

    relatives: so how do you do christmas dinner when you're vegetarian? me: just don't eat the meat relatives:

    6. But they're really doing their best, probably.

    Taylor: I’m vegetarian. Friend: There’s chicken, I hope you eat meat. #DateMyFamily

    7. Salads aren't all we eat by any means.

    When people talk about how much they hate salad they always look at me and say sorry.. Like it offends me. #vegetarianprobs

    8. But we've really developed a liking for our greens.

    9. That's not to say we only eat "rabbit food."

    #NationalVegetarianWeek being a vegetarian is NOT boring I've had spaghetti hoops and garlic bread for my dinner TWICE this week !!!

    10. And it sure as HECK doesn't mean we're healthy by default.

    People: "Wow you must eat so healthy because you're a vegetarian!" Me: "I've been living off of peanut butter and hummus for 1487 days"

    11. It's not nearly as hard for us to find something to eat as people think it is.

    The list of protein sources that meat eaters think are available to me #vegetarianproblems

    12. Being a vegetarian isn't always a walk in the park.

    i havent eaten meat in 2 years and i still misspell vegetarian

    13. But we've pretty much got it figured out by now.

    when ur a vegetarian n u gotta find an alternate source of protein

    14. Meat-eaters have been trying to get us to give up our vegetarianism since the dawn of time.

    This is our life summed up in one picture #VegetarianProblems

    15. And then they go absolutely berserk when we take a lil' break.

    When you're vegetarian and eat meat and someone calls you out for it

    16. At the end of the day, we're not all that different to our carnivore friends — our priorities are just a tiny bit different.

    ME: I’m not vegetarian because I love animals, I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants HIM: Haha good one ME: A birch tree killed my mother, James