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    13 Easy Vegan Recipes To Make When It's Hot As Heck Outside

    Overnight oats for breakfast, spicy gazpacho for lunch, and banh mi for dinner.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. Make a week's worth of vegan mexican stuffed peppers in the slow cooker so you don't have to turn on the oven.

    Stuffed peppers taste just as great cold as they do when they're fresh, IMHO. Recipe here.

    2. Stick peach pie overnight oats in the fridge before bed so you can have your oatmeal and eat it cool.

    No need to give up your favorite breakfast just because it's a little toasty outside. Recipe here.

    3. Chop up a few veggies to make a black bean succotash that's so much better than a salad.

    With corn, red onion, bell pepper, parsley, and red wine vinegar, this flavorful succotash is a great recipe for a super simple Sunday meal prep. Recipe here.

    4. Blend up a spicy white bean & sweet corn gazpacho for an alternative take on the traditionally refreshing soup.

    If elote was a soup, I imagine this is what it would taste like. Recipe here.

    5. Stick frozen bananas in the blender to make vegan soft serve for a refreshing treat.

    If you like piña coladas, just blend in coconut milk and pineapple chunks. If not, there are six other ways to flavor your soft serve. Recipe here.

    6. Spiralize carrots to make raw carrot pasta with ginger-lime peanut sauce if you're craving lo mein but can't even think of ordering Chinese food without sweating.

    The peanut butter and roasted cashews will make this sweet 'n' spicy recipe as filling as it is refreshing. Recipe here.

    7. Serve this southwest vegan pasta chilled if you're braving the heat for a picnic in the park.

    The creamy chipotle dressing over all of those fresh vegetables and pasta will even keep the carnivores happy. Recipe here.

    8. Mix up a tahini sauce to pour over these rainbow raw-maine taco boats if you're sick of salad but still want fresh veggies.

    Creamy avocado and hummus with crunchy lettuce and carrots makes for the perfect summer snack. Recipe here.

    9. Slap together this colorful vegan sandwich for lunch before you run out the door.

    Nothing makes a sandwich quite as delicious as sun-dried tomatoes. Recipe here.

    10. Pair this mango salsa with lemon-lime vinaigrette with chips for a snack or eat it straight out of the bowl.

    No doubt you'll be nomming on this mango salsa every day for the rest of the summer. Recipe here.

    11. Throw this smashed chickpeas on toast with harissa yogurt together if you're staring at an empty fridge.

    So tasty, you'll want to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Recipe here.

    12. Pack a few veggie spring rolls with spicy dipping sauce if you're always on the go.

    These crunchy and tangy rolls are so easy to prep and last up to five days in the fridge. Recipe here.

    13. Fry up vegan meatball banh mi for a hearty sandwich that'll keep you full for hours.

    Make a big batch of the meatballs and freeze them for later. Recipe here.