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    Updated on Jan 31, 2019. Posted on Jun 24, 2017

    20 Ideas For Making Your Home Look Classy AF For Under $20

    Pretty doesn't have to be pricey.

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Add tassels to your outdoor umbrella to give the appeal of a swanky hotel pool.

    You can buy 10 yards of tassel fringe on Amazon for $15. See the tutorial on Design Love Fest.

    2. Super glue an old necklace chain to one of your frames.

    You've probably been yearning for these gorgeous frames on Anthropologie that cost a bucket of money, so this tutorial from Curbly is quite a relief. If you don't want to mess with your frames, these are $4.87.

    3. Stand an old bar seat on refrigeration tubing for a hairpin stool.

    You can purchase the refrigeration tubing for $9.05. You’ll need to know how to use tools beyond that kit your mom bought you, but um, worth it — get the how-to from Mountain Modern Life.

    4. Spray paint stickers to decorate a tired vase.

    See it on Designer Trapped. Get the gold spray paint for $3.95.

    5. Drill holes in an old mixing bowl to give your plant a new home to hang.

    Learn how to properly drill holes in your bowl on A Bubbly Life. String it up with synthetic cord for $8.99.

    6. Or, drill a hole in the bottom of an old fruit basket to use it as a lampshade.

    Get the lamp set for $13.92. Learn how to do it on Sweet Paul Mag.

    7. Turn your desk into a savvy notetaker.

    Check out Blue I Style for the tutorial. You can get the whiteboard paint for $18.12 or use this contact paper for $14.99 if you want something more temporary.

    8. Decorate your drawers with new custom hardware.

    This tutorial from The Gathered Home teaches you how to make drawer pulls out of copper pipe ($6.58 for 2 feet) and tube straps ($5.99 for 10).

    9. Speckle your plain white plates to make your meals look even more attractive.

    You can purchase food-save porcelain paint for $8.52 and bake it in the oven to set it. Learn how to speckle your plates from Burkatron.

    10. Transfer your spices to custom tins for a more uniform look.

    Stick magnets on the back so you can keep them on the side of your fridge for easy access. Get these tins for $10.99. Get the tutorial from Kitchen Table Scraps.

    11. Gather your curtains with a flashy tie-back.

    Here's a pack of 150 wood beads for $8.99 and gray suede cord for $5.99. Get the tutorial on Wild and Grizzly.

    12. Needle-felt a pillowcase that's looking a little plain.

    Learn how to needle-felt your pillow on Fall for DIY. Here's a needle-felting kit with everything you need for $6.99.

    13. Wrap your hangers in fabric scraps to make them pretty and nonslip.

    Get the tutorial from Pie In The Sky.

    14. Add a pattern to your bathroom tile with a vinyl decal.

    Here's a pack of vinyl sheets with adhesive backing for $10.99. See it on Snuggle Bug University.

    15. Line those drawers in need of a little love with extra wallpaper.

    Scrapbook paper is also an option. Learn how to do it on Dream Green DIY.

    16. Decorate old sheets with a bleach pen if they've been gathering dust in the linen closet.

    Brit+Co used blue canvas but any dark cloth will have a similar effect. You could also try stamping a pattern by making an ink pad out of a sponge soaked in bleach. Get 4 bleach pens for $10.41.

    17. Attach a wine rack to the bottom of your bar cart or cabinets to put your stemware on display.

    See this upcycled bar cart on My French Twist. Get the wine rack for $13.99.

    18. Disguise eyesore cords in twine.

    Learn how to do it on The Vow.

    19. Overturn a bookcase for a cozy reading bench.

    See the tutorial on BuzzFeed Nifty. Get the high-density foam for $12.45.

    20. Add some swag to your boring closet doors.

    You can get 8 feet of the trim they used from Lowes for $7.99. Learn how to do it on A Beautiful Mess.

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