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18 Unexpected Ways To Repurpose Your Junk

Make drawer organizers out of cereal boxes!

TBH, recycling is fake. Well, not fake, but throwing a bottle in the recycling bin probably isn't helping the environment as much as you think.

Here are a few ways you can repurpose the items in your recycling bin:

1. Spray-paint empty plastic containers to make fancy new planters.

2. Turn emptied nut cans into eye-catching bathroom storage.

3. Cut empty lotion bottles into wall pocket organizers.

4. Or make a charging cradle to neatly store your phone and cord.

5. Use sheet packaging as packing cubes the next time you travel.

6. Decant your oils and vinegars into empty wine bottles and write their names on the sides, so all your dispensers match.

7. Cut down cereal boxes to organize your junk drawer.

8. Store plastic bags in a tissue paper box, so your collection isn't taking up a whole drawer.

9. Fill baby food jars with spices and stick magnets on the lids to keep them on the fridge.

10. Fuse plastic grocery bags together to create a reusable tote.

11. Nail empty cans to the fence so your plants have access to more sunlight.

12. Turn empty mint cans into useful travel kits.

13. Hold the end of the roll of tape with a bread tag so you don't have to pick at it every time you need a new piece.

14. Slide cords through toilet paper rolls so you don't have to sort through a tangled mess to find the one you're looking for.

15. Or make a charging station out of a shoe box to contain all those messy cords.

16. Make floor protectors out of wine corks.

17. Store makeup and beauty products in candle jars.

18. Use a wipe container as an airtight trash can for the car.