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    15 Life-Changing Home Hacks Using Things You Probably Already Own

    Light a candle with spaghetti, fold shirts with a box, and open a beer with a lighter.

    1. Light candles with uncooked spaghetti if the wicks are too low to reach with a lighter or match.

    The long strand will take a while to burn so you'll only need one to light multiple candles. Learn more here.

    2. Stick a set of plastic drawers in the fridge to organize smaller snacks.

    No more losing your favorite snacks in the backs of the shelves! Learn more here.

    3. Stick a piece of a sponge in an old pill bottle and soak it in nail polish remover to make your mani a little more eco-friendly. / Via

    You won't have to go through an entire pack of cotton rounds to clean off the paint! Learn more here.

    4. Clip a clothespin on your cooking utensil to keep it from sliding into the pot.

    Using a spoon rest just adds another dish to the pile you have to clean. Learn more here.

    5. Store pacifiers in small plastic containers to keep them clean when rolling around your diaper bag.

    You can wash both the pacifier and the container in the dishwasher! Learn more here.

    6. Crack open a beer with a lighter if you forgot a bottle opener.

    Grip the top of the bottle tightly, leaving the flap between your thumb and forefinger over the cap. Put the edge of the lighter under the cap, and use your index finger as leverage to push it off. Learn more here.

    7. Serve guac in a martini glass so it isn't taking up valuable chip real estate in your serving bowl.

    The stem of the martini glass leaves plenty of room for lots of chips! Glue the martini glass to the inside of the bowl to make it a permanent fixture. Learn more here.

    8. Tie a rag to your broom to clean moulding without climbing a ladder.

    Spray a bit of wood (or multi-surface) cleaner on the rag, then run the broom along the crown moulding and baseboards. Good as new! Learn more here.

    9. Pull a sock over your hand to dust your blinds.

    Ashley Poskin / Via

    The static from the sock will help attract the dust. When you're done, pull the sock off your hand inside out and toss it in the wash. Learn more here.

    10. Fill a canning jar with baking soda, top with the lid of an empty parmesan cheese container, then sprinkle it on your carpets when they need a refresh.

    Mix 30 drops of your favorite essential oil into the baking soda to give it a nice scent! Sprinkle it all over the carpet, let it sit for a minute, then vacuum it all up! You can also use the baking soda to deodorize your upholstered couch if it's a lil' stinky.

    You can also use this trick to store and pour glitter, small snacks, or homemade breadcrumbs! Learn more here.

    11. Cut up a box to make a folding table that'll help you make your drawers neater than ever.

    Kenah Trusewich / Via

    Open the box so it lays flat, then cut it into three sections. Tape them together and re-cut two short slits at the bottom. Your drawers will be as neat 'n' tidy as the display shelves in stores! Learn more here.

    12. Label your light switches so you aren't fumbling for the right one each time.

    Print each function out with a label maker, and stick each above their corresponding switch. Learn more here.

    13. Cut the toes off a sock that lost its mate to turn it into an arm band for your phone.

    Pull the sock onto your arm, then fold the bottom half up over your phone. You'll be able to listen to music or your favorite podcast while you clean the house! Learn more here.

    14. Tie your tea bag around your mug handle so the tag doesn't fall in when you pour the water.

    @Rhet0R / Via

    Thread the tag through the handle, then tuck it under the string. It'll stay secure without too much fiddling. Learn more here.

    15. And stick a hook on the bottom of a cabinet to hang your bananas and free up some counterspace.

    @reesuh / Via

    They'll be less likely to get bruised when they aren't sitting on a flat surface! Learn more here.