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I Tried A Bunch Of TikTok Life Hacks (And Some Were Low-Key Brilliant)

Here's what's worth your time — and what's definitely not.

Hey, I'm Emily! And like basically everybody else, I've gotten really into TikTok since quarantine started.

Here are six TikTok life hacks you should know about:

HACK #1: Need more storage space? Shrink bulky bedding or puffy coats with a trash bag plus a vacuum cleaner hose.

THE IDEA: This was originally a hack to save suitcase space while traveling, but it totally works for closets, too. To do it: Fold up a bulky item — like a big comforter — and place it in a large trash bag. Stick the vacuum arm into the bag and turn it on. Once the package stops shrinking, pull the vacuum out. Twist and knot the bag so that air can't get in. No fancy vac sealer needed!


This shrunk my comforter down to about half its size! 🙌

HACK #2: Turn a $1 cooling rack into a makeup organizer.


Hey guys! Here is another beauty Hack I discovered 🤗 Cooking Rack Lipstick Stand! For more vids insta Lou_Flores ❤️ Support! #fyp #foryou #viral

♬ Mission impossible - The Spelding's Jazz Orchestra

THE IDEA: Cut four of the bars on a metal cooling rack and gently push them down so that the whole thing floats about an inch off the bottom of a drawer. Then organize your eyeshadows, lipsticks, and tubes of mascara in between the grates.


I absolutely love this hack.

But before you convert your cooling rack, know that there are a few drawbacks to this method.

HACK #3: For the fastest way to peel a hard-boiled egg, literally blow it out of its shell.

THE IDEA: Take a hard-boiled egg, peel the ends off, and blow air through the top end so that the egg pops out through the bottom.

DID IT WORK: Yeah, but...

This hack was gross and weird.

HACK #4: Soak paper towels in a bleach solution to make your own disinfectant wipes.


If you ran out of disinfecting wipes but have Clorox and paper towels. Welcome!! 🙃 #Fyp #foryoupage #cloroxwipes #coronavirusdiy #diyproject

♬ original sound - anahinunez61

THE IDEA: Cut a paper towel roll so that it can fit inside an airtight container. Pull the cardboard out of the center and pour a bleach solution evenly over the paper towels.

DID IT WORK: Maybe??

This...wasn't the greatest.

HACK #5: Self-seal a cereal box by doing a quick three-point fold.

THE IDEA: You know how the tops of cereal boxes can get mangled, especially if you have little kids (or an impatient S.O.) who are always tearing into the box, or forgetting to clip it closed? This hack solves that. To self-seal, pop three out of the four flaps into the cereal box, and fold the skinny sides so that they point inside. Tuck the last flap around the folds so that it is flush with the opposite flap.

DID IT WORK: Absolutely!

For me, this fold was way neater and more effective than the sad box tab.

HACK #6: If you have a dry plant where the soil won't soak up anything, stick it in a bucket of water — and the soil will absorb it from the bottom up.


I work with houseplants for a living, and here is a better way to water super dry plants #houseplants #lifehacks #natureathome #plantparents #plantmom

♬ original sound - reagankastner

THE IDEA: If soil is too dry and compact for water to penetrate, pour an inch or two of water in a bucket and leave your potted plant in the water for an hour. The soil will wick up water through the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.

DID IT WORK: Yes! Very well.

Overall, I'm totally abandoning the watering can because this is a much gentler way to treat my delicate green children.