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    14 Actually Doable Ways To Make Your Home Instagram-Worthy

    Curtains of string lights and easy floating shelves.

    1. Line your walls with curtains of string lights to make your apartment sparkle.

    2. Keep food staples in glass jars to transform your cluttered pantry into one that's totally Pinterest-worthy.

    3. Glue and screw a few pieces of wood together to build a set of shelves fit for Pottery Barn.

    4. Flatten your art between acrylic sheets to make a protective frame that doesn't distract from your favorite piece.

    5. Refresh a boring backsplash with some peel-and-stick subway tile if you don't have the cash, or energy, for a full renovation.

    6. Toss a velvet throw pillow on your Ikea couch to make it look way more mod.

    7. Tape fake flowers to the wall if buying a fresh bouquet every week is simply out of your budget.

    8. Coat the bottom half of a room with a dramatic paint color for a look that's so much sweeter than an accent wall.

    9. Elevate and freshen up your furniture with a new set of hairpin legs.

    10. Hang an Edison bulb with a wooden bracket to make the coziest reading lamp you've ever had.

    11. Paint plastic animals to find the perfect balance between playful and grown-ass adult.

    12. Hang a circular mirror to add an unexpected flair to a bare wall.

    13. Or glue a few pieces of stained wood together to make a leaning mirror that's honestly too gorgeous to be that simple.

    14. Trade in those glass votives for candlesticks to take your decor to a whole new level.