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    Here Are 13 Facts That Prove That Trees Are Really Fucking Cool

    Plus, just really pretty pictures of trees.

    Unless otherwise noted, all facts are sourced from geobiologist Hope Jahren's memoir, Lab Girl. Besides being chock-full of tree facts, this is a beautifully written, inspiring story of Jahren's journey to become a scientist. Get it here.

    1. A single tree can exist in two places at once.

    2. The roots of some trees can grow as deep as 100 feet into the ground.

    3. A palm tree is technically not a tree.

    4. Cactus spines are actually evolved leaves.

    5. And some cactuses can come back from the dead, kinda.

    6. Only 5% of the millions of seeds dropped ever begin to grow.

    7. Most seeds wait for at least a year to grow, but some can survive 32,000 years and still sprout.

    8. Mama trees share water with baby trees.

    9. Trees don't grow at the same rate.

    10. A vine can become whatever it needs to be to survive — they can turn into roots or grow suction cups.

    11. Mushrooms attach to a tree's roots and help them draw water into the trunk.

    12. A tree actually remembers experiences from its childhood.

    13. Trees can "talk" to each other.