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    31 Toys From Walmart For Almost Every Kid On Your List

    ๐ŸŽถSaaaaanta's comin' to town ๐ŸŽถ

    1. A set of Lincoln logs that I guarantee they won't lodge any complaints about.

    2. A LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus because they're finally old enough to receive their Hogwarts letter.

    3. A tool bench if they're already proving to be handier than you are.

    4. An Easy-Bake oven so they can cook up their favorite little treats.

    5. A Lite-Brite that they'll want to play with all day and all night.

    6. A colorful xylophone for the musically-minded child in your life.

    7. A carnival playset if their favorite movie of the year is from the same story that you loved when you were their age.

    8. A Barbie set so they can enjoy the fun of baking without the sugar high that comes with licking the spoon.

    9. An interactive sloth that'll have you humming to yourself, "What does the sloth say?"

    10. A Peppa Pig parade so they can bring their favorite TV show to life.

    11. An interactive board game that your kids will want to play over and over again until they're as damp as the dog.

    12. Or an alpaca game โ€” they have to pack everything up really quickly before it spits!

    13. A kinetic sand kit so they can have some beach fun even when it's below 30 outside.

    14. A doll that magically grows and sprouts from a pretty, pink pot when it is watered.

    15. A poop-shaped package of slime for the kid in your life who has a somewhat gross, but totally adorable sense of humor.

    16. A pasta Play-Doh kit that is so cool, it'll make them say, "Mama Mia!"

    17. A baby walker if your kiddo has been fancying a stroll, but isn't quite stable enough yet to do so without a little help.

    18. A 158-piece magnetic building block tile set that is so much fun, they won't even notice how much they're learning. Give it a try, and I guarantee that even you, an "adult," will have a ball.

    19. A Bop It! game because a true classic never dies.

    20. A shark attack playset that might make coaxing them into the bath a little bit easier. Who wouldn't go for a dip in the tub with a ship that has a moveable claw arm, a spiral track for toy cars, a squirting submarine, and a snapping shark?!

    21. A unicorn vet set if they love animals but you aren't quite ready to get them a puppy.

    22. A fire truck that transforms into a massive fire-fighting machine. Your little hero will be battling the (make-believe) blaze for hours!

    23. A Barbie doll who's on staff at National Geographic. With her neat camera and lion cub, she'll inspire your shutterbug to dream big.

    24. A baby owl that they can teach to fly โ€” yes, literally, the more time they spend with it, the more it "flies". Plus its eye color changes with its mood, and it likes to pet, tickled, and rocked to sleep.

    25. A push-and-pop bulldozer because they're at that age when it's time to learn their 123s.

    26. A quadcopter drone that has a Wi-Fi camera so its captain will feel like they're flying along with it.

    27. A Mix and Match-A-Saurus if you want them to learn about emotions and music while they play.

    28. A toddler-size "car" because driving lessons can never start too early.

    29. A crash track that'll send them racing to set it up, even before they open the rest of their presents. At over five feet long, it's the biggest motorized Hot Wheels set, yet!

    30. A board game called Money Bags so they can learn tricky math problems while also having a ton of fun. You'll really feel like you got your money's worth.

    31. A bowling set if you can ~spare~ a bit of room to bring the alley to you.

    Two weeks 'til Christmas, elves, time to get moving!

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