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    19 Ways To Get Your Home In Order If You Have Kids

    How neat!

    1. Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold their dolls and stuffed animals.

    2. Stack board games vertically so that you never have to play Jenga with a bunch of boxes that hold tiny pieces.

    3. Sort small items that would otherwise end up in the bottom of their toy box into file holders.

    4. Turn an old TV tray into a Lego table that folds away when they aren't using it.

    5. Display their books in rain gutters so they can choose the one they want to read without taking them all off the shelves.

    6. Corral small items or card games using soap box containers from the dollar store.

    7. Attach plastic bins to the wall to add storage space that's out of the way.

    8. Frame a pegboard to make all of their craft supplies way more accessible.

    9. Show off their latest art projects on curtain wire instead of trying to hang them all on the fridge.

    10. Sort Lego pieces into tool organizers so that all the tiny pieces have a place.

    11. Label uniform bins and baskets with cute luggage tags so they always know where to put everything back.

    12. Stick command hooks on the wall to hang poofy dress-up clothes that would otherwise take up valuable closet space.

    13. Keep balls from rolling off the shelf with a few tension rods.

    14. Store glitter in salt and pepper shakers so glitter doesn't get everywhere every time they craft.

    15. Hang a fruit basket from the shower curtain rod to hold their bath toys.

    16. Attach casters to drawers so they have some extra storage under the bed.

    17. Stuff the prettier toys in wire baskets if you want to make your storage work as decoration.

    18. Attach wooden coat hooks to the sides of a bookshelf to balance the remote controls if they are big gamers.

    19. Stow away stuffed animals in a storage beanbag chair that is as comfy as it is practical.