24 Thoughtful DIY Gifts That Won't Cost You A Ton Of Money

    Customize a notebook, build a desk zen garden, and print out some temporary tattoos.

    1. Prep your favorite pancake recipe in a Mason jar so they don't have to leave the house to have a delicious Sunday brunch.

    2. Turn a painting that's lost its luster into a new work of art.

    3. Drive nails into a stained board to make a rack they'll actually want to hang their ties from.

    4. Stitch a pattern onto a notebook if they love journaling or just need a new agenda book.

    5. Or stitch a fun image onto a baseball cap if you can't find one that suits their personality.

    6. Mix up a natural balm to help them keep their beard smooth and smelling fantastic.

    7. Mix together a few spices to make a seasoning that they'll want to put on everything.

    8. Make succulents float with four pieces of wood, jars, and a few lengths of rope.

    9. Tie together this no-sew pet bed if they talk about their cat like it's their child.

    10. Put together this simple calendar so they can count down the days until you get to see each other next.

    11. Pick all the marshmallows out of a cereal box to send them lots of luck.

    12. Cut clay into geode shapes to make cufflinks, so they can keep your heart on their sleeves.

    13. Dry out their favorite flowers to make them a new phone case they'll never want to drop.

    14. Fill a bowl with sand to make a zen garden if work has been stressing them out.

    15. Trace images onto Shrinky Dink paper to make lapel pins that are just as cute as the ones you'll find in the store.

    16. Pour concrete into Death Star ice molds to make planters, tea lights, or bookends, so they can decorate their house with their fandom and still keep it classy.

    17. Or pour the concrete into a bucket to make an extremely sturdy side table for their home.

    18. Customize a neon sign that you know will make their face light up.

    19. Tie a bunch of paper cranes to an embroidery hoop to give the bird lover in your life a dreamy mobile.

    20. Set a rivet on a leather strap if they're always losing their keys.

    21. Paint mugs or tea cups so they can sip their favorite drink in style.

    22. Print out some temporary tattoos if they really want one but they're too nervous to get the real deal.

    23. Give them the gift of Quidditch pong that they'll probably use for years on end.

    24. Dress up these adorable bath bombs to look like their favorite treat.