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    Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa With This Trendy Bathmat

    Also makes a cute welcome mat or trivet :)

    Baths are fun. Bath mats are nasty.


    * 15 wooden balusters (2 x 2 x 18 inches) or (5 x 5 x 46 centimeters)

    * Drill

    * ¾-inch drill bit

    * C-clamp

    * Sandpaper

    * ¼-inch thick sisal rope

    * Box cutter

    * Tape

    * Wood stain (optional)

    * Paintbrush (optional)


    1. Mark 1 inch (2½ cm) in from both ends of each wood baluster.

    2. Secure the wood with a c-clamp so you can drill a hole in both ends of each wood baluster using a ¾-inch drill bit.

    3. Sand down the ends and any other rough edges. (Protect your feeties.)

    4. Optional: Paint or stain. Let dry fully.

    5. Tape the ends of two lengths of sisal rope and thread then through the first sets of holes. Knot each.

    6. Make the knots on the alternate sides of the baluster as tight as possible. Then thread the next baluster.

    7. Repeat this process until all 15 balusters are attached.

    8. Remove the tape.

    This tew cute.

    Watch the video here:

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