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    21 Things From Walmart For Anyone Who Wants To Bring Their Dog Everywhere They Go

    Oh, the places you'll go – with your pup!

    1. A safety harness so your pup will be secure while you're on the road.

    2. A GPS-linked collar just in case they try to go on any adventures without you. Whoever finds your escape artist can put their serial number into the website and you'll get a text with their location!

    3. A water bottle with a carbon filter and a leakproof design so that you can slip it into your backpack with your own.

    4. A 4-in-1 carrier, because you need to be able to improvise on the fly.

    5. A pack of grooming wipes so that they're not bringing the outside into your home. They're hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, and fragrance-free!

    6. A travel bag so you can pack all of the supplies you need for a long week away. Kinda like a diaper bag but for your fur baby!

    7. A cooling pad so they don't overheat during those sweltering summer days.

    8. A hammock if you've got a smelly floofer who will ruin your backseat if you don't cover it up.

    9. A coat so that a little rain won't keep you in the house.

    10. A cargo liner for the trunk if you're traveling with the whole family.

    11. A dog coupler so that you don't end up in a tangled mess of leashes when you're just trying to take your pups for a quick walk.

    12. A dog barrier, because they're always trying to hop up into your lap — which you're totally down for when it's not dangerous for them.

    13. A life jacket so you can keep them safe when they're going for a swim.

    14. A 4-pack of collapsible bowls, because you'll need them for those long hikes.

    15. A booster seat so your littlest buddy can stick their head out the window.

    16. A pet ramp, because your old boy needs a little help getting into the car.

    17. A stroller if you like to bring your dog with you while you're running all of your errands.

    18. A 2-in-1 backpack and harness so they can carry some of the supplies to the campsite.

    19. A travel crate that has wheels and is airline-approved so traveling with them doesn't feel like an impossible task.

    20. A warm winter coat so you can still go on long walks despite the snow.

    21. A set of extreme weather boots that'll keep their paws protected when the going gets tough.

    Time to get on the road with your best buds!

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