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    23 Things From Walmart To Help Refresh Your Bedroom

    Whimsical statues, mid-century dressers, and minimalist comforters for your next bedroom makeover.

    1. A floral rug bedecked in jewel tones because you want your room to be filled with designs that are just as spunky as you.

    colorful area rug

    2. A storage bench to keep at the bottom of your bed because your wardrobe is much too extensive for the size of your closet. You need a safe place to keep your coats in the summer and your swimsuits in the fall.

    the black storage bench

    3. A nightstand with two built-in USB ports, lots of useful storage space, and just the right amount of farmhouse flair.

    the rustic white nightstand

    4. Or a floating nightstand if you can barely fit a bed in your room, let alone another piece of furniture.

    the weathered oak floating nightstand

    5. A touch table lamp, so you can just tap the metal to turn it off instead of fumbling for a switch when you're half asleep.

    the lamp with an oak base and white shade

    6. An eight-piece bedding set that definitely doesn't *succ.* Don't let the succulent print fool ya.

    the white, pink, blue, and purple succulent bedding

    7. A two-pack of decorative boxes to give you a cute place to store your jewelry, remotes, or any other small items you want to hide away in plain sight.

    two silver leaf decorative boxes

    8. A leaning desk that provides some room for decor and a comfortably sized table-top for you to work on without taking up much floor space.

    the gray brown leaning desk with three shelves

    9. A five-shelf ladder for displaying your collection of books, plants, and/or knickknacks.

    the white gold ladder

    10. An accent chair, so you have a comfy spot in the corner of your room for reading, scrolling, or throwing all of the stuff you don't have the patience to put away right away. 😉

    a blue mid-century chair

    11. A mid-century dresser from the Queer Eye team if you're feeling ready for a makeover.

    the walnut six-drawer dresser

    12. A piece of canvas art if you can't seem to keep a single plant alive, but still want to bring a little green in the coziest room in your home.

    a canvas print with succulents

    13. Or a three-piece set of art if you have a lot of blank walls and not enough decor to fill them.

    gold-framed lake prints

    14. A wax warmer that doubles as a gentle reading lamp, so you can safely burn a lovely fragrance before you drift off for the night.

    the wax warmer

    15. An upholstered bed because have you ever come across a storage bed frame that was actually cute?! Because this is a first for me! The two wide drawers in the foot are perfect for stowing extra sheet sets or blankets.

    the gray upholstered storage bed

    16. A sheet set to add an element of luxury into your everyday life that won't cost you a fortune.

    seven of the sheet sets in different colors

    17. A two-compartment hamper, so you can sort your dirty clothes the second you take them off. It'll make laundry day that much easier.

    the gray hamper

    18. Or a hamper if you're looking for one that looks more like a piece of furniture. This one will look nice amongst the rest of your decor and keep the smells in. What more could you ask for?!

    the white country hamper

    19. A grid-print comforter set for those who love minimalist design with a bit of character.

    the black and white striped comforter

    20. A set of blackout curtains to keep the sun out when you want to sleep 'til noon or watch movies all day long.

    the curtains in blue

    21. Or a curtain panel that'll give your window a soft, billowy frame that will keep the glare out of your eyes.

    the curtains in dark blue

    22. A cactus sculpture if you're on the hunt for a glam accent with a touch of whimsy.

    the gold cactus statue

    23. A decorative vase that you can fill with your weekly bouquet, a set of branches, or nothing at all — it totally works as a statement piece all on its own.

    a vintage palm print vase

    You to your room when you finally finish this makeover:

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