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    31 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Home Feel Bigger Than It Actually Is

    Maximize that space. 👏

    1. A velvet couch with one cushion that lifts to reveal a treasure chest's worth of storage and another that pulls out to turn the whole thing into a cozy guest bed.

    2. A double closet rod because Marie Kondo's folding method might make your dresser way roomier, but you simply don't have time for anything more complicated than slipping your shirts onto hangers and going on your merry way.

    3. A wall sconce so you can free up space on your nightstand for more important things... Like, perhaps, the dozens of candles you unwrapped from your distant aunt and extremely polite coworkers.

    4. An eight-tier rack that can be attached to any door or wall in the house so that you don't have to shove every single thing you own onto the shelves of some badly designed closet.

    5. A drying rack that stays out of your way but can likely hold your entire dinnerware set without breaking a sweat — it can support up to 66 pounds!

    6. A leaning desk if the idea of having a home office in your teeny-weeny home is laughable, but you really need to stop trying to do work from your bed.

    7. And a ghost chair to go with it. It won't create the clutter (or the eyesore) that an actual desk chair would, and is just so freakin' cute!

    8. A set of curtains that you can hang from ceiling to floor in order to create the illusion of larger windows and taller walls.

    9. A barely-there coffee table that'll trick your eye into thinking the tiny living room is fit for a king.

    10. Or a console table that you can slide behind the couch if a large coffee table would just make your space feel crowded.

    11. A 29-pack of hooks because there is no such thing as too much vertical storage. This entire house is going to be covered in hanging jackets and purses, or so help me!

    12. A cutting board that perches over your sink or your stove, because you need to be able to spread out when you're doing the prepwork for dinner.

    13. A wall-mounted media console if you hate looking at all the ugly router boxes and video game consoles but really don't like the idea of giving up any more of your precious breathing room. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too?!

    14. A large rug to make any small space look bigger than it actually is.

    15. A makeup organizer because of course your bathroom counter doesn't have enough space for your entire collection. Plus, being able to see everything at a glance will make getting ready in the morning a much speedier process.

    16. A media console that offers a lot more room for storage, but comes in a pretty color that prevents it from feeling too imposing.

    17. An adjustable rack you can stick underneath your sink so you get instant storage space.

    18. A narrow cart with shelves on shelves of storage space so that you don't have to feel like you're squeezing every last inch of space out of your kitchen.

    19. A chrome bookshelf because its reflective surface and backless design will prevent it from overwhelming the space.

    20. An entryway storage valet if your dream home has a mudroom, but your current apartment can barely contain all of your shoes.

    21. A large mirror you can hang across from a light source to make any room feel airier. This one looks like a window and might even fool you into thinking you have more access to the outside than you do!

    22. A fold-out dining room table with plenty of storage space so it’s always earning its keep.

    23. A nightstand with a metal frame to make that small space between the wall and your bed feel more open.

    24. An over-the-toilet space saver so you can actually store your towels in the bathroom. If you've ever had to waddle to your bedroom in your birthday suit, you know what a difference this would make.

    25. A three-pack of nesting baskets because even the neatest of us can have a tough time keeping our shelves nice and tidy. These'll disguise the clutter and organize your different bathroom essentials.

    26. A three-tiered hanging basket so your produce can get some breathing room and behave as functional decor.

    27. A structural light fixture because brightening the room up will prevent you from feeling like the walls are closing in.

    28. A dresser that'll take up about as much floorspace as your nightstand but still has ample room for your wardrobe.

    29. A bed frame that has a small footprint but makes a big impact.

    30. Or a bed frame with shelves because otherwise, it can be unnecessarily difficult to make the dead space underneath your mattress useful.

    31. And a pot rack because your cabinets aren't nearly as small as you think they are... Actually, they're just as small as you think, but you can use that space a whole lot more effectively when you aren't trying to cram that giant cookware set Grandma got you for Christmas into them.

    Now, when you admire your home, you'll be thinking —

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