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    31 Things From Walmart That'll Help Give Your Outdoor Space The Glow-Up It Deserves

    Fans, coolers, gazebos, and dining sets to give you the yard, patio, or porch you've always wanted.

    1. A wall fountain that will make your home feel more like the fairy-tale castle you always dreamed you would one day inhabit.

    a stone fountain with water coming out of a lion's mouth

    2. Or a 3-tier water fountain if you want something that blends in with your rustic landscaping.

    the fountain, designed to look like two logs and some stones

    3. A porch swing with zero-gravity chairs and a canopy, so you can lie in the sun with a good book for hours without worrying about a sunburn.

    the two zero gravity chairs attached under a canopy

    4. A pineapple pillow that will make your patio look so much sweeter.

    a white pillow with three pineapples on it

    5. A six-burner gas grill because not having one is basically a crime against those of us who don't have outdoor spaces. Literally everything tastes better after it has been cooked on the grill.

    a silver and black grill

    6. A 20-count of string lights to give your garden a delicate glow.

    ball string lights with delicate designs on them

    7. A four-piece sectional that'll be as comfortable as it is stylish.

    a white outdoor sectional couch with a black woven coffee table

    8. A fan with a chandelier, so you can enjoy the summer nights, even when it gets a bit too hot for your liking. The dual-finish blades are reversible, so you can choose the look that fits best with your space.

    a ceiling fan with wooden panels and a mini chandelier inside

    9. A fire pit because there are few activities more soothing than listening to the fire crackle while roasting marshmallows.

    a lit rounded metal fire pit with a cover

    10. Or a white fan that has wicker blades if a vintage look is more your style.

    a white rounded ceiling fan

    11. A three-piece furniture set with a pair of chaise lounge chairs that are so comfortable, you'll struggle to get up for any reason whatsoever.

    two white chaise lounges

    12. A gorgeous gazebo if you have a lot of land, but no patio. It comes with mosquito netting so you can chill outside for hours without getting bitten up.

    a dark brown canopy with pull back curtains at each corner

    13. A personalized beverage cooler with a convenient bottle opener on the side, so you can pop open your beer the second you pull it out. The galvanized metal basin has a drain, so the water will run out as the ice melts.

    the wooden personalized beverage cooler

    14. A bird feeder, so you can listen to the soothing sound of birds chirping while you sip your coffee in the morning.

    a copper and black  bird feeder with a grape leaf design on the top

    15. A dining table that is as elegant as it is sturdy — the polyethylene wicker can withstand the elements and the iron legs will keep the big guy upright for years to come.

    a long outdoor wicker table

    16. A raised garden bed if you don't have a yard, but have always wanted to try growing your own vegetables.

    a light wooden garden bed

    17. A market umbrella that'll keep the sun out of your eyes during the day and light up your porch in the evening.

    a tan oversized umbrella with lights on the inside

    18. A solar-powered lamp to light up your backyard without lighting up your electricity bill.

    three solar panel lamps

    19. A 3-piece bistro set if you want to fill your tiny balcony with lots of color.

    bright yellow table and chairs set

    20. A chaise and umbrella for your kiddo (or your pup!), if they want to go everywhere you do.

    the chaise with an umbrella attached - both in a blue and white vertical print

    21. A wind chime, so you can close your eyes and pretend you're vacationing on an island resort.

    a close up on the gold wind chime

    22. A patterned rug to help you bring bring your boho style to your patio.

    a blue rug with a delicate pattern

    23. A side table that'll be as bright as the sun on the best of days.

    a yellow side table with a criss-crossed base

    24. A pair of self-watering planters if you typically kill every plant you've ever owned, but really want to have some green on your porch.

    two light green planters

    25. A 12-piece dinnerware set that's made of melamine, so you won't have to worry about anything shattering outside where it's basically impossible to clean up.

    the melamine dishes and bowls with a green and blue leafy pattern inside

    26. A pair of hanging planters to give your front porch some curb appeal.

    a woven hanging planter

    27. An adorable dining set that is so comfy and intimate, you'll want to spend every meal seated around it.

    the dining set with grey wood and white seat cushions

    28. A four-pack of foldable dining chairs if your outdoor space rarely gets the kind of weather you want to spend much time in. It's much more convenient to have easily stored furniture like these chairs.

    wooden foldable chairs

    29. A 10-pack of flamingo statues to bring a little whimsy to your yard.

    two pink plastic flamingo lawn ornaments

    30. A lantern, so you can safely light your citronella candle in order to keep the bugs away.

    a washed brown metal lantern with a candle inside and small latch door

    31. And a seven-piece dining set if your family is huge and you need all the space you can get.

    a wooden table and six chairs with white cushions and arm rests

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