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    29 Things From Walmart That'll Help Cooking Go Faster

    You'll have dinner on the table in an Instant (Pot).

    1. An Instant Pot if you don't want to hover over the stove for hours on end.

    2. A 6-pack of stackable prep bowls because having your mise en place is essential for running a speedy kitchen.

    3. A salt and pepper keeper so that you can quickly grab a pinch when you're... in a pinch.

    4. An electric spiralizer that's so easy to use, you'll want to make veggie pasta every day of the week.

    5. A microwave rice cooker if you're sick of burning your grains every time you cook.

    6. An 8-inch chef's knife because you're wasting so much time trying to chop everything with that little paring knife.

    7. An immersion blender so you can blend your creamy tomato soup right in the pot. 🎉It's soup season, baby! 🎉

    8. A honing steel that'll keep your knives in tip-top shape for your fast-and-furious prep work.

    9. An 8-in-1 mandoline if your knife skills just aren't as impressive as you'd like them to be. This'll dice, slice, and cut up veggies and fruits in no time.

    10. A microwaveable pasta cooker because a watched pot never boils, and you don't have time for those mind games. With this device, you'll use less water and have perfectly cooked pasta in about five minutes.

    11. A non-stick wok so that you can whip up a stir fry on those nights that you don't have the energy to plan out an elaborate dinner.

    12. A 24-pack of uniform containers that you can use to store all of your staples and keep your pantry organized. Go the extra mile and alphabetize them — future you will be grateful when you don't have to rifle through the cupboard to find the right ingredient.

    13. An egg cooker if you want to have perfectly hard-boiled eggs every day of the week.

    14. A sizzle platter because there's no need to awkwardly transfer your perfectly cooked steak from your sheet pan. Instead, you can cook and serve your food on this aluminum plate!

    15. A handheld grater so you can grate your fresh garlic instead of chopping it.

    16. A Google Nest Hub that'll read you the recipe or show you an instructional video. If you just want to zone out, you can tell it to play your music or podcasts!

    17. A popcorn popper if your favorite snack is the kind that requires little to no effort to prepare.

    18. An ice cube tray so you can chop up a bunch of herbs and freeze them in oil. When a recipe calls for it, just toss a cube into the pan and voilà! You've got herbs that are just as fresh as the day you bought them.

    19. A stand mixer that'll take all the effort out of your baking. Instead of sweating over the dreaded tasks of beating egg whites or kneading dough, just throw your ingredients in the mixer, set a timer, and let it do the work for you.

    20. A cold brew maker if you want consistently good coffee that you don't need to make every single morning. Just soak the grains overnight, then remove the filter in the morning. That's all it takes to make nine servings of coffee.

    21. An electric juicer so that you don't have to bother with the tedious job of squeezing citrus.

    22. An electric peeler that'll unzip your potatoes in a jiff... You'll be one step closer to the fluffy mashed potatoes of your dreams.

    23. A mortar and pestle so you can quickly crush up some nuts, spices, or salsas.

    24. An 11-piece set of nonstick cookware that'll heat up quickly and won't hold on to every drop of food. Plus, it's dishwasher-friendly so you won't have to spend so much time scrubbing over the sink.

    25. An electric kettle so you can bring your water up to the boiling point in a flash.

    26. A steamer basket that has near-infinite potential for preparing healthy meals that require little effort on your part. Whether it's a piece of fish, a bunch of veggies, or hard-boiled eggs, all you need is your trusty basket and a small pot of water.

    27. A mini food processor so that you can slice, dice, grind, and puree all of your ingredients in seconds.

    28. A slicer that'll cut apples into perfectly even wedges. This one is adjustable so you can change the size of the slice!

    29. A 12-pack of vented containers so that you can cook once and feed yourself for a whole week.

    Start your engines, folks! It's time to get cooking.

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