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    15 Things From Amazon To Help You Train A New Puppy

    Clickers, doorbells, books, and other goodies that will help you raise your little fur baby.

    1. The Art Of Raising A Puppy, so you have all the information you need about canine health and behavior in order to properly adopt, raise, and play with a puppy.

    The cover of the book

    2. A bag of soft, moist training treats for tiny, delicate chompers because puppies need lots of fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and coats as well as cognitive development.

    3. A clip-on treat container for hands-free walks and training sessions.

    A dog owner puliing a treat out of a bag clipped to their pocket

    4. A two-pack of dog doorbells, so your pup can let you know when they're ready for a walk instead of leaving a damp spot on the carpet.

    A reviewer's dog pulling on the bell

    5. Or an actual doorbell that you can customize in terms of the volume and tone it emits if you want something a bit more discreet.

    A reviewer's dog tapping the doorbell with their nose

    6. A pet corrector to discourage unwelcomed behaviors like barking and jumping. When pressed, it makes a hissing sound that mimics the warning sounds that animals make. FYI, it's totally safe, but it's likely not a great fit for super-sensitive pups.

    A spray bottle of pet corrector

    7. A gentle leader headcollar, so they learn good walking habits before they grow to the size that they can pull you over with a single tug on the leash. The nose strap takes the pressure off their throat and redistributes it to the back of the neck, so you won't have to worry about them choking themselves.

    A dog with the collar on their nose, torso, and neck

    8. A crate for pups who are still in the house-training process. If you treat it as a safe space rather than a time-out zone, they'll happily snooze in it while you're sleeping or out and about.

    A reviewer's dog in a crate with the door open

    9. An agility training course to mellow out the most rambunctious of puppies. It will give them the mental and physical stimulation they need to satisfy their drive for activity.

    A pet owner leading their dog through the course

    10. A training platform for over-enthusiastic puppers who jump on and scratch guests as a greeting. After a bit of encouragement, they will learn to sit and wait at the platform until you and your guest are ready for their loving, rambunctious energy.

    A reviewer image of two dogs on the platform

    11. A bag of grain-free training treats to reinforce good behaviors. These are chock-full of nutrient-dense foods such as sweet potatoes, flaxseed, carrots, and blueberries!

    12. Or a bag of natural training treats in bite-sized pieces so you don't have to cut them up yourself. The soft texture is gentle on tiny teeth and the small size ensures that you can incorporate as many treats into your training as necessary without worrying about overfeeding them.

    13. A humane bark collar that automatically vibrates and beeps to stop your pup when they're causing a ruckus.

    a reviewer's dog wearing the collar

    14. A 100-pack of carbon training pads, so puppy pee doesn't ruin your flooring. These pads have a scent that attracts pups so they know where to go as well as carbon that quickly absorbs the liquid without leaving an ugly, smelly stain.

    A box of 100 training pads

    15. A clicker to foster good communication with your dog so that getting them to follow commands goes off without a hitch.

    Two clickers, one in black and one in blue

    You and your pup after they learn their first trick:

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