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    18 Things From Amazon For Your Pet To Play With Outdoors This Summer

    Bubble machines, splash pads, glow-in-the-dark balls, and more.

    1. A life jacket for pups who aren't the strongest swimmers but still want to participate in ocean adventures.

    2. A training course if your dog needs way more mental stimulation than a simple game of fetch can offer.

    girl leading Australian Shepherd through the obstacle course

    3. Or a 4-pack of adjustable bar jumps if your pup is ready for bigger challenges. Not to worry — the top bar falls off when it's hit, so your best bud won't get hurt if they don't clear the jump.

    dog jumping over white bar jump

    4. A splash pad, so your dog can have fun in the sun without overheating. If you've ever seen your pup play with a hose or sprinkler, you know how much fun they will have with this.

    two dogs in blue pool with sprinkler

    5. A bungee rope toy if you need a tug-of-war alternative. Once you attach it to a tree, they can yank to their heart's delight without worrying about pulling your arm out of its socket.

    dog chewing on orange bungee rope toy

    6. A floating fish toy if your dog loves playing fetch in the pool. It skips and bobs on the water like a real fish which will get your buddy even more excited to chase after it!

    two golden retrievers chewing on a red fish

    7. A two-pack of skipping stones, so you have a fun challenge to keep you entertained (skipping stones isn't easy!) and they have a highly visible toy to swim after.

    8. A Nerf Dog tennis ball blaster that requires little to no effort on your part. Just stick the ball into the launcher, shoot it as far as 50 feet (!), and wait for your pup to bring it back.

    9. A flirt pole to quickly give your dog the mental and physical exercise they need when a busy day doesn't allow for long walks. With a simple flick of the lure, your pup will be sprinting, jumping, and pouncing.

    model holding the pole rope with their dog chasing after it

    10. A Chuckit Ultra Tug toy, so you can throw a bouncy ball and play tug-of-war after they fetch it without putting your fingers in their mouth.

    model holding toy and dog biting it

    11. A giggle ball that far surpasses any squeaky toy's ability to excite and entertain them. Your pup will want to chase this toy all day long and the holes make it easier for dogs of all sizes to pick it up and carry it around.

    German shepherd with bright green ball in their mouth

    12. A rubber football that you can stuff with their favorite treats or toys for extra mental stimulation.

    German shepherd holding yellow football

    13. A KONG Aqua for aggressive chewers who destroy toys like it's their job. This toy is stuffed with foam that helps it float and is attached to a rope for easy throwing and fetching.

    German shepherd in water holding red Kong toy in their mouth

    14. A ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball, so you can play right up until it's time for bed.

    reviewer photo of hand holding glow-in-the-dark green ball in front of dog

    15. And a Chuckit! Sport Launcher to throw the Glow Ball (or any ball for that matter) farther and play for longer. You can fling the ball up to 140 feet with it without breaking a sweat!

    reviewer picture of blue launcher holding orange ball

    16. A squeaky toy with a unique shape that makes it easier to handle and makes it fly and bounce in wild ways.

    17. A Chuckit! soccer ball, so you can practice bending it like Beckham when you're playing fetch with your lil' buddy. This foam, rubber, and canvas ball bounces, floats, and is durable enough to withstand the wear-and-tear of outside activity.

    18. A Zogoflex that offers all of the fun of rawhides, sticks, and dog bones without any of the danger.

    Your dogs when they find out you ordered them new toys: