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6 Practical Book Hacks Every Reader Will Love

Tricks for paperback die-hards, Kindle-owners, and library lovers.

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1. Make a bookstand in five minutes with an old wire hanger.

Pull and bend the top and bottom of your hanger together, and fold them into a v-shape that's wide enough to fit your book. Then, use pliers to squeeze both ends and fold about 1/2 an inch of their tips up by 90-degrees, to hold the book open. Fold the hanger's hook up to sit at another right angle (supporting the back of your book), and bend the hook down to loop onto the bottom wire. See the full step-by-step tutorial and video here.

2. Check out audiobooks from your local library so that you can read literally everywhere you go.

Audiobooks can be a bit pricey (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is $29.99 on Amazon 😢) but almost tons of libraries offer audiobooks. Find out if yours does on the Libby app and check out all of the ebooks and audiobooks you've ever dreamed of.


4. Attach brackets to your wall to make your books float.

Because every book nerd has struggled to find space for all their books. All you have to do is attach two L-shaped brackets to the wall and cut out a book cover that has holes to slip in the brackets.

Watch the video here.

5. Add a page in your dot journal for an analog Goodreads.

Use this to set a reading goal for the year! No journal? Draw out the shelves on a regular sheet of paper and hang that somewhere you see it regularly, like a pin board or by your computer desk.

See this journal here or see simpler layouts here.

6. If you have a Kindle, lend a favorite book to a friend (for free!)

You can lend a Kindle book to another reader for up to two weeks — regardless of if they have a Fire tablet or e-reader. Learn more here and find 20 other cool Kindle tricks here.