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    17 Products For Raising Infants That Actual Parents Swear By

    They need all the help they can get.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about products that helped them survive the first year of parenthood to help you give your friend a gift that is actually practical. Here are a some of the awesome ideas.

    1. A yellow rubber ducky that'll be great for teething and grasping and tell them if the water is too hot for the baby.

    2. A sleepsuit that'll help the baby transition out of their swaddle.

    3. A nursing pillow that'll make breastfeeding a bit more comfortable.

    4. A nursery projector and sound system equipped with soothing sounds, songs, and images.

    5. A non-invasive nasal aspirator for serious booger control.

    6. A set of bottles designed to help reduce colic and gas.

    7. A book chock-full of expert advice that'll answer (almost) all of their questions.

    8. A baby care reminder that'll keep track of feeding, changing, and medication timing so they don't have to.

    9. A meal service subscription for those nights when they barely have time to feed themselves.

    10. An activity gym to entertain the baby so their parents can get a bit of a break from doing it themselves.

    11. A set of footie pajamas with inverted zippers so they don't have to take the entire thing off when the baby needs to be changed.

    12. A swaddle blanket with arm flaps so that the baby won't constantly wiggling their way out.

    13. A travel high chair so their baby has a seat literally wherever they go — even if they are meeting you for lunch.

    14. A doorbell cover so that visitors don't accidentally ring during nap time.

    15. A teething relief medicine because a happy baby will mean less crying.

    16. A night light for late-night diaper changes.

    17. A baby carrier that'll allow the baby to tag along while leaving their parents' arms free.

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