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17 Puppers In Sweaters Who Are The True Meaning Of Christmas

So fetch.

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1. This lil' buddy who wanted to keep his real ears warm.

Instagram: @zoosnoods

2. This pupper whose color is definitely red.

@kateraider /

3. This friendly fellow whose orange sweater really compliments his luscious beard.

Instagram: @schnauzers

4. This spritely new homeowner who can't wait to buy their first tree.

Instagram: @tiny_chief

5. This dapper young gentleman who is redefining grace.

Instagram: @sugarboysfibercreations

6. This sweet smoosh who actually loves winter.

7. This perky pooper who knows winter is the worst season and cannot wait for spring.

Instagram: @sparklethetinychi

8. This lil beb who is pretty pooped from all the holly jolly festivities.

Instagram: @smallbizpets

9. This sweet angel who has clearly been modeling for decades.

Instagram: @mydaisyhill

10. This precious pug who probably wears a light sweater in the summer because they're always a little chilly.

11. This handsome guy who wakes up on the right side of the bed every single morning.

Instagram: @hachianddexter

12. This pooch who can sleep anywhere in his cozy turtleneck.

Instagram: @dogs

13. This nervous nelly who is clearly does not love the camera as much as the camera loves them.

Instagram: @mike

14. These leggy babes who are unsure about being so matchy-matchy.

Instagram: @benaby_coats

15. This young professional who just wants to take this picture so he can get back to work, Carl.

Instagram: @dogs

16. This fancy friend who still has this sweater from their college years.

Instagram: @milahful

Ah, those were the days.

17. This cute couple who have put a lot of time and effort into their first Christmas greeting.

Instagram: @elikko_dogclothes

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