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    Updated on Jul 10, 2020. Posted on Jul 8, 2020

    31 Practical Products From Target That Are Totally Worth The Investment

    Every single item on this list is an answer to at least one of your problems.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A standing desk for your home office because, we promise you, you've been sitting way more than usual.

    A black standing desk with a keyboard and monitor atop it

    Promising review: "When receiving the Adjustable Height Desk I noticed how neatly packaged the unit was and the installation took all but two minutes. Instructions were very clear and I liked how the fastening hardware was thought out to ease installation. Now when I work I can take breaks by standing and it relieves the stress on my body as well as boosts productivity around the apartment. I enjoy this ergonomic setup and would highly recommend it!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $167.99 (originally $209.99).

    2. Or an ergonomic desk chair because, again, you've definitely been sitting a lot more than usual and could use the extra lumbar support.

    A black desk chair with metal legs and armrests on five caster wheels

    Promising review: "I use this chair in my office at home, and I have never sat in a more comfortable chair! The color and style of the chair really fit the aesthetic of my room and give it a more modern feel. I would recommend this chair to anyone who wants something that combines both good looks and comfort!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $155.79 (originally $163.99).

    3. A Wi-Fi range extender to stretch your network across your entire house. Plug it into a wall socket in the area that's getting spotty coverage and you'll have a much better connection.

    A white Wi-Fi range extender with two antennae

    Promising review: "Prior to buying this, I had a slow and spotty Wi-Fi connection in the rooms of my apartment furthest from the wifi modem. It took me five minutes to set up this Wi-Fi extender. I plugged it into an outlet in one of the rooms with a weak Wi-Fi signal and now I have strong signals and faster speeds in every room. I highly recommend this product." —Target reviewer

    Price: $54.99.

    4. A trash can because we both know you're just going to buy seven different cheap ones before you finally give in and just order the one that actually does the job. Why not skip a few steps and jump right to the good part?

    A model stepping on the bin opener foot pedal

    Promising review: "Who would have thought a trash can could bring so much joy?! I have bought the cheapest trash cans for years and would ask why anyone would pay so much for a trash can... Well, I took the plunge and could not be any happier with my purchase. The can itself is sleek and the convenient inside pocket for bags is time-saving. The step pedal keeps me from having to touch and clean a dirty lid. The lid is also slow-closing and quiet. Plus, the bonus trial pack of trash bags that come with it are amazing! All I can say is try it; you won't regret it!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $79.99.

    5. A cord-free Dyson vacuum for making an aggravating chore so much easier. It's so convenient to unhook this extremely powerful (but surprisingly quiet) vacuum from its charging dock any time you drop a few crumbs on the floor.

    Model's hand using silver hand vacuum with red and purple accents

    Promising review: "This vacuum is solidly built, lightweight, extremely portable, and has accessories that easily lock into place. I love that I can easily convert it from a floor model to a handheld for small jobs such as the stairs or the car. It has excellent suction power. The bagless filter saves money and is very easy to empty. I'm doing more vacuuming now because of the ease of use of this product. You deserve this vacuum!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $399.99.

    6. A six-pack of vegan nail polish if you're sick of paying almost as much on your bi-monthly manicures.

    Nail polish packaging and six bottles of polish in red, orange, gray, aqua, and brown

    What's better than quick-drying, chip-resistant nail polish? Quick-drying, chip-resistant nail polish without harsh chemicals that wasn't tested on animals!

    Price: $50.

    7. An iPhone case that is so adorable, you might miss the fact that the built-in PopSocket makes holding and using your phone so much easier. Plus, it's basically as fun to play with as a fidget spinner (don't @ us).


    Promising review: "The case is exactly as advertised: It’s sturdy, has a slim profile, has great rubber protection around the edges, and the PopSocket feature really does collapse into the case so that the phone fits easily into a back pocket! It is worth the money!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $49.95+ (available in three colors and eight sizes).

    8. A battery case if you're one of those people who is always stuck walking around with a dead phone.

    Front and back views of a light pink phone charger case with an iPhone inside

    Promising review: "I love this! It fits my iPhone perfectly and the battery life lasts for two days. It was worth every penny." —Target reviewer

    Price: $129.99 (available in three colors and six sizes).

    9. A slip dress because an LBD is like the secret weapon of your wardrobe—no matter how many times you wear it, you know it will always make an impact.


    Promising review: "This beautiful, sexy dress can be worn for any occasion. Whether you're wearing it to a wedding, date night, or out for fun with the girls, it is a head-turner. The material is nice and thick, and the cut and style are both very elegant. This dress runs true to size and looks good on a lot of different body types. It is a halter dress so you can adjust the straps but be mindful that if you have a heavier chest and pull too tight, it could hurt your neck being that the straps are thinner. I love this dress! Get it and you won't regret it!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $50.

    10. A surprisingly affordable printer to make printing documents and photos as well as scanning and copying so much easier.

    A black printer printing out a photograph

    The AirPrint feature allows you to print from any Apple device and send the scans right back to your device! If you don't have an Apple device, don't worry—you can still use the wireless printing function or download the Canon app to access the printer from your phone.

    Promising review: "This is a great printer and scanner. My Android is hooked up to the printer and after downloading the Canon app and setting up the printer I was ready to print anything I wanted to right from my phone!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $59.99 (originally $99.99).

    11. A Nespresso machine, because if you're sick of the dreck that comes out of the drip coffee maker or looking to quit your Starbucks habit, you're going to have to invest in a machine that is convenient and makes one fantastic cup of joe.

    A black coffee maker with a glass full of coffee resting in its base

    Promising review: "This will save me so much money! I used to go to coffee shops all the time, but this machine makes such good quality coffee that I don’t need to go out for it anymore." —Target reviewer

    Price: $199.

    12. A kitchen island that might just prevent you from throwing a sledgehammer through the room because you're sick of not having any space to work.

    A birchwood colored cart with a black metal frame and caster wheels and a white marble top

    Promising review: "I love this cart! It has ample space in the drawers and the shelf. It's really sturdy, and the wheels are great for moving it around. It has a great country/modern look to it. It's just as tall as the regular countertops. The instructions for putting it together were easy to understand, and my husband and I were able to put it together in about an hour and a half. The wood that is used is very thick and seems sturdy. The bottom of the drawers are a little flimsy, but I am just using them to store containers, towels, and dishcloths. It's perfect for me." —Target reviewer

    Price: $269.99.

    13. A 12-piece cutlery set, because a quality set of knives is essential to every kitchen.

    Ten pieces of metallic cutlery including knives and a pair of scissors

    This set includes a knife block with a built-in sharpener, a chef knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, a santoku knife, a paring knife, four steak knives, and a pair of shears.

    Promising review: "This is my first set of 'nice' knives as a young adult, and I am completely smitten with it. The block is aesthetically pleasing and the knives are perfectly weighted. They slice through everything with ease. The chef's knife is especially nice; I love the way it feels in my hand and it cuts flawlessly. With good technique, using these should be almost effortless. I would highly recommend these to anyone starting to get into the world of better quality kitchen products, as these are everything I thought they would be and more." —Target reviewer

    Price: $89.99.

    14. A pair of sneakers for if you've gotten really into running over the past few months. Even if you haven't, you probably haven't replaced your shoes in the past year which means it's most likely time for a new pair.

    A pair of dark grey sneakers with white and solver accents

    Price: $95 (originally $120, available in five colors and women's sizes 6–11.5).

    15. An area rug that you can throw in the washing machine the next time you spill your wine all over it.

    A white area rug with faded black details

    Price: $43.99+ (available in two colors and 15 sizes).

    16. A pressure cooker if you're the type who is too impatient to spend 30+ minutes hovering over the stove. With this handy doo-dad, you can crank out dinner 70% faster than you would on another appliance!

    A silver pressure cooker pot with a black top and bottom and a digital screen not he front

    Not sure if the Instant Pot is right for you? Check out our very honest review here.

    Promising review: "I was terrified when I received it for Christmas, but once I got used to it, I had to have another size! I so rarely turn on my oven now and my grillmaster hubby informed me he will never cook ribs on the grill again. I don't know how I got along without it! There is a learning curve if you are new to pressure cookers like I was, but if you give it a chance, you will love it." —Target reviewer

    Price: $99.99.

    17. A toilet step stool that will make your ~stool-making~ so much easier. Once you try it, you'll ask yourself how you ever pooped without it.

    A bamboo wood-colored step stool positioned in front of a toilet
    @squattypotty / Instagram / Via

    The BuzzFeed team has raved about the Squatty Potty so many times, it's almost embarrassing. You can learn more here, here, here, here, and/or here.

    Promising review: "I love my bamboo Squatty Potty. I used to have the plastic one which worked great, but I upgrade to this nicer looking stool. I really notice a difference. I mainly use the 9-inch side, so the 'flip' feature isn't as useful for me, but it's still a cool concept. I highly recommend any Squatty Potty, but this bamboo one looks really nice." —Target reviewer

    Price: $49.99.

    18. A two-pack of solar LED wall lights if you want to light up your home and really take advantage of the gorgeous summer evenings.

    Two solar lights attached to the outside wall of a home illuminating the evening

    These lights can be mounted to the wall or staked in the ground. They are waterproof and use energy-efficient LED bulbs so you won't have to change them out for years!

    Price: $79.99

    19. A lightweight comforter so you can feel like you're sleeping inside a warm cloud every night.

    A quilted white comforter atop a bed

    Promising review: "I have had several down comforters over the years and can honestly say this is a very nice one. I love the striping and have not seen any feathers come out. I bought the queen size for an 11-inch bed and it fits perfectly. I have only had this comforter for two weeks, but I believe it will be perfect year-round where I live in Texas. I believe the price is very good for the quality." —Target reviewer

    Price: $109.99+ (available in three sizes).

    20. A pair of wireless headphones if your roommate is absolutely sick of you blasting your music all the time.

    A model with a pair of white Beats wireless headphones in their ears
    Beats by Dre

    Promising review: "These are excellent and even more so if you have an iPhone or other Apple device as the pairing is seamless. The sound is exceptional and I know they won’t fall out on my long runs. To make it even better their battery life is fantastic (8+ hours). I can’t believe I waited this long to buy them." —Target reviewer

    Price: $249.99 (available in eight colors).

    21. A skincare system that will firm, brighten, and help smooth out any wrinkles on your face that you would rather do without.

    Skincare products in jars and tubes in a bathroom setting
    @no7usa / Instagram / Via

    This set includes a serum, a day cream, and a night cream.

    Promising review: "I love this product. I have been using it for about a year and the difference in my skin is noticeable to everyone. I am 66-years-old and receive many compliments on my skin." —Target reviewer

    Price: $77.99.

    22. A five-pack of OXO POP containers, because chip clips are not keeping your snacks and baking supplies fresh. As a bonus, these containers will make your pantry look downright gorgeous!

    A set of five clear plastic containers with white tops holding various foodstuffs

    This set includes a 2.3-quart container, two 1.7-quart containers, and two 1.1-quart containers.

    Promising review: "I love this product! Not only does it make your pantry super organized but it also helps keep your food fresher for longer. The seal is great and cleaning the containers is super easy. I will be a repeat buyer." —Target reviewer

    Price: $49.99.

    23. A baby bath set that will help make bathing a whale of a time and just as much fun for you as it is for your kiddo.

    A toddler model in with gray whale bath mats and spout cover

    This set includes a bath rinser, a bath spout cover, a bath kneeler, and a bathtub elbow rest.

    Promising review: "First of all, I love the grey color—it looks great in my bathroom. The bath rinser holds a lot of water so it's great for washing my 2-year-old. He enjoys playing with it, too. The kneeling pad has a lot of cushion and definitely helps support the knees. They are all great quality products!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $49.99

    24. A closet system, because now is the perfect time to take on an organizing project that will make getting dressed easier for years to come.

    A white and silver metal closet system holding various items of clothing on hangers and shelves

    Price: $124.99 (originally $189.99).

    25. A 42-pack of food storage containers, because it's about time you replaced your mismatched set with multiple missing lids. Your delicious leftovers deserve a container that will keep them delicious for as long as possible.

    Food packed into seven clear containers with snap lids

    Price: $49.99.

    26. A set of steps so your pet can easily get up to your bed, even if they’re getting on in their years.

    A dog using the soft cream-colored stairs to get up on a couch

    Promising review: "My little 3-pound dog loves her stairs so much that I bought another set for her." —Target reviewer

    Price: $63.99.

    27. A storage ottoman that will probably be the first place you look for the missing remote control only to discover other forgotten treasures stored inside.

    A round blue storage ottoman with a quilted top and brown wooden legs

    Promising review: "This ottoman is so beautiful that I bought four of them. They are stunning and very practical for storing everything from blankets to shoes. I love the way they perfectly match my couches!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $89.99 (available in six colors).

    28. A Fitbit, because we could all use the extra push to get a few more steps in every day.

    A sangria colored Fitbit wristwatch with a digital screen/face
    @fitbit / Instagram / Via

    Promising review: "The color is great and all the features on this Fitbit are excellent. It is light and comfortable to wear. Besides wanting to track fitness, I have been experiencing difficulty with my sleeping habits over the last few months, so I bought mine in hopes that it would help me work on my sleep. After just a week of using the sleep tracking, I have seen some patterns. It can be programmed to remind me to start winding down for bed and it has a built-in alarm to wake me up. I have noticed a difference already." —Target reviewer

    Price: $69.95 (available in two colors).

    29. A two-piece stackable shoe rack, so you can store your shoes in the entryway without making it feel cluttered. You can stack the racks or arrange them side-by-side, depending on the layout of your space.

    A light wood-colored shoe rack with various shoes and boxes stored within

    Promising review: "This is an outstanding wooden shoe rack for the price! The assembly is easy, there is enough space on the shelves for size 12 shoes, the wood is of good quality, and the construction allows for the purchase and stacking of an additional unit! The only improvement that I wish the manufacturer would make would be to also include an extra set of metal braces and screw holes for the front of the shoe rack. Thank you, Target!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $68.99.

    30. A jewelry cleaning machine that will make your favorite bling dazzle as if it was brand new.

    A white plastic jewelry cleaning machine with gray accents and a small digital screen with buttons

    Promising review: "This cleaning machine works better than expected. The diamonds and jewelry looks just like it does when I have it cleaned at the jewelry store. I put tarnished silver in and it came out sparkling. This was a great buy!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $99.99.

    31. A makeup case if messing with your palettes and lipsticks has become a fun hobby over the past few months and you want a neater way of keeping your tools together.


    The large Caboodles Train Case slides open to reveal a mirror, a two-tiered extendable tray, a tray with two compartments, and a deep interior.

    Price: $79.99.

    You to every single thing on this list:

    Nickelodeon / Via

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