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    All The Best Deals At Target Right Now

    Deals on swimsuits, button-downs, kitchen gadgets, and more.

    1. 47% off a bamboo serving tray.

    The serving tray

    2. 41% off a 65-piece stainless steel flatware set.

    The flatware

    3. 40% off a short-sleeve button-down.

    The button-down in a blue pattern

    4. 35% off a soft duffel bag.

    The gray and red SWISSGEAR duffel bag

    5. 34% off a drip tray shelf liner.

    A close-up on the ridges of the drip tray holding liquid

    6. 33% off a 1.7-liter electric kettle.

    The white Haden electric kettle

    7. 33% off a Vitamix 10-speed blender.

    The Vitamix blender

    8. 32% off a garlic press.

    The Zwilling garlic press

    9. 31% off a round, aluminum cake pan.

    Fat Daddio's Pro Series of anodized aluminum

    10. 28% off a 3-pack of woven storage baskets.

    The white storage baskets

    11. 29% off a 2-pack of storage cart.

    The black rolling storage cart with three clear drawers

    12. 29% off a 2-pack of whiskey glasses.

    The crystal cocktail tumbler

    13. 28% off a 4-piece glass canister set.

    The gasket latch canisters

    14. 28% off an electric air fryer.

    The red GoWISE USA air fryer

    15. 27% off a 4-pack of underbed boxes.

    The clear storage baskets with latches and wheels

    16. 27% off a custom closet kit.

    A closet with the storage system

    17. 30% off a 25-liter bag of natural clay pebbles.

    A plant in the pebbles

    18. 26% off a cordless vacuum.

    The Bissell Icon Pet cordless vacuum

    19. 25% off high-waisted leggings.

    The leggings in deep sage

    20. 23% off a lift-off upright vacuum.

    A model using the hose of the lift-off upright vacuum on a pet bed

    21. 22% off a robot vacuum.

    The Shark robot vacuum cleaning up cereal

    22. 20% off an armchair.

    The wooden armchair with strips of leather as upholstery

    23. 20% off a bookshelf workstation.

    The gray-wash desk with shelves

    24. 20% off a slat door coffee table.

    The dark walnut coffee table

    25. 20% off a semi-circle bench.

    The beige tufted bench

    26. 20% off a media stand.

    The media stand in black and brown

    27. 20% off a velvet ottoman.

    The velvet, tufted ottoman in dark teal

    28. 20% off a 4-tray bookshelf.

    The shelves in gray wash

    29. 17% off a one-piece swimsuit.

    The floral swimsuit with a laced closure

    30. 17% off a wood-burning fire pit.

    The fire pit with a cooking grate

    31. 25% off high-waisted leggings.

    The pants in black camo

    32. 15% off an accent chair.

    The cream sherpa accent chair with wooden legs

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