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    28 Surprisingly Stylish Pairs Of Sandals You Can Get At Walmart

    Summer footwear fashions for nearly every warm-weather occasion your feet will lead you to.

    1. A pair of lace-up thongs that will make your outfit seem 10 times fancier than it actually is.

    A light gold lace-up thong sandal

    2. A chunky wedge to hop on the ugly-cute sandal trend (if you're finally ready). They're cushy, airy, and the elastic strap will prevent a breakout of blisters on the back of your ankle.

    A chunky black sandal with a white sole

    3. A pair of toe-ring sandals that will really accentuate your fresh summer glow.

    A top-down view of a white toe-ring sandal with a tan leather insole

    4. A pair of slides because you want a shoe that isn't black but can still pair with basically your entire wardrobe. These are as versatile as your favorite pair of jeans.

    A woven light-blue slide sandal with a light brown insole

    5. A pair of sandals if you're looking for the perfect date-night shoe. They're so pretty and comfy enough that you can stay out for hours.

    An ivory floral pattern sandal with an ankle strap and light insole

    6. A pair of sandals that are seven times cheaper than the Tory Burch sandals they emulate.

    A pair of shiny black sandals

    7. A pair of espadrilles for a casual-cute pair of lace-ups that are so much fun.

    A model wearing tan-colored espadrilles

    8. A pair of slip-on sandals if you're looking for a comfortable but stylish shoe that you can wear whether you're working at your kitchen table or running to the grocery store.

    A light gray fuzzy slip-on sandal with faux-pearl beading

    9. A pair of slides that Sporty Spice would drool over, then slip on with her coolest joggers. Zig-a-zig-ah!

    A black slide sandal emblazoned with the Champion logo

    10. A pair of strappy flats for breezy days that call for lightweight skirts and flowy maxi dresses.

    A top-down view of a silver strap sandal with light brown leather insole

    11. A wedge sandal, so you've got some sunshine, even on cloudy days.

    A sunflower yellow wedge sandal with a woven fabric heel and sole

    12. A pair of loafers that are an impressive dupe of these well-known Gucci slippers.

    A leopard print slip in with a golden metal buckle

    13. A pair of heels from Kendall + Kylie, so if the sisters are your fashion icons, then you need to get these on your feet.

    A natural snake print with line green accents wedge heel

    14. A pair of wedges that are simply timeless, so quit checking the clock.

    A model wearing a pair of gold wedge sandals

    15. A pair of mules to wear with those jeans with the distressed ankle. They are *chef's kiss* gorgeous.

    A bright red mule with block heel

    16. A pair of slides that are simple enough for every fashion sense, but with just enough flair to not be boring.

    A tan-colored slide with a white sole

    17. A pair of sandals for those with narrow feet who feel like it's impossible to find a shoe that fits securely on their foot.

    A white sandal with a block heel

    18. A pair of heels that'll make whatever you wear them with really shine.

    A rainbow-colored block heel sandal

    19. A pair of sandals with the iconic style of espadrilles and the comfortable flexibility of rubber flats. It's a win-win.

    A sandal with a green palm print and a flat woven espadrille sole

    20. A pair of platforms to get a bit of a lift without all the pain and suffering. Your arches will thank you later.

    A natural multi-colored platform strappy sandal

    21. A pair of slides that are effortlessly chic. They're perfect to slip on, whether you're stopping to pick up milk at the store or heading for a picnic in the park.

    A top-down view of a rose gold slide sandal

    22. A pair of bow slides for a vintage accessory which will pair perfectly with any of your relaxing summer-time endeavors.

    A black and white polka dot bow slide sandal

    23. A pair of vegan suede heels that'll look good with basically everything.

    A black suede block heel slide sandal with a tan insole

    24. A pair of low-block heels if you like a bit of height when wearing a dress, but not so much that you feel like you're walking on stilts.

    A natural raffia/cognac-colored ankle-strap low block heel sandal

    25. A pair of platforms which are playful, but practical — all that grip along the bottom of the shoe is going to ensure that you can walk on all surfaces without worrying about a slip.

    A floral print platform crossover strap sandal

    26. A pair of heeled mules with a wide strap around the arch, because the more coverage a shoe offers, the better your feet will cope with the extra height.

    A light blue heeled mule sandal with a tan insole and heel

    27. A pair of strappy sandals that are sssso sssstylish.

    A natural colored strappy sandal with a snake print

    28. A crossover sandal for those days that require equal parts fashion and comfort.

    A top-down view of a leopard print sandal

    Here's to only wearing shoes that make you feel like—

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