25 Things Students Do That Drive Teachers Bonkers

    *uncorks wine*

    We recently asked the fine teachers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most annoying things their students do and they did not hold back.

    1. When they dab while they sneeze.

    2. When they complain about nonexistent cuts.

    3. When they treat you like a human garbage can.

    4. When they plot against you.

    5. When they LICK THINGS that aren't food.

    6. When they crawl for no apparent reason.

    7. When they jump up and shout if they have the answer.

    8. When they curse.

    9. When they text in class (of course).

    10. When they want a medal for not doing the wrong thing.

    11. When they wipe their boogers on your shirt.

    12. When they ask about the instructions that they clearly didn't listen to.

    13. And when they ask questions about instructions that you thought could be left unspoken.

    14. When they start drama.

    15. When they Snapchat in class.

    16. When they cheat.

    17. When they ask you to repeat yourself.

    18. When they send their complaints through the parental grapevine.

    19. When they play innocent.

    20. When they tap you to get your attention.

    21. When they YELL.

    22. When they complain about group project pairings.

    23. When they need a bathroom break.

    24. When they need another bathroom break.

    25. When they start WHINING.

    Teachers, we salute you. Stay strong.

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    Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.