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25 Things Students Do That Drive Teachers Bonkers

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We recently asked the fine teachers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most annoying things their students do and they did not hold back.


1. When they dab while they sneeze.

Dabbing when they sneeze. If you're going to sneeze in my classroom, you better sneeze like a normal human being.


2. When they complain about nonexistent cuts.

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When they ask you for a Band-Aid for a "cut" that's not bleeding, and is basically invisible to the naked eye over and over, and can't get anything done until there is a freaking Band-Aid handed to them!


3. When they treat you like a human garbage can.


1. Handing me individual staples or tiny scraps of paper they find on the floor. I DON'T WANT THAT JUST PUT IT IN THE BIN!

2. Finding a fellow classmate's lost item of clothing and bringing it to me saying, "I found Liam's hat." Do I look like Liam?! Give it to him!


4. When they plot against you.


They will take turns humming so I can never figure out who is doing it.


5. When they LICK THINGS that aren't food.


They will lick anything... ANYTHING.


6. When they crawl for no apparent reason.

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I never thought that when I started teaching I would be yelling at third graders to stop crawling, stand up, and use their feet to walk.


7. When they jump up and shout if they have the answer.

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Just sit still on the carpet and put your hand up if you want to talk!


8. When they curse.

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My class has developed a bad habit of swearing, all because one kid heard the F word at home and taught it to the other kids. It's hard enough to create a positive and healthy learning environment for small kids without them giggling over bad words.


9. When they text in class (of course).


When they try and hide their phones in their crotch while in class. No normal person stares down at their privates for an extended period of time with their hands in their laps.


10. When they want a medal for not doing the wrong thing.

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The most annoying thing is definitely when you tell one child not to do something (e.g. "Timmy, your bottom should be on a mat, please"), and all the other kids chime in yelling, "Miss Teacher! Look, my bum is on a mat! I'm sitting! Look!"


11. When they wipe their boogers on your shirt.


I teach second grade and I love them, but I had multiple kids wipe their noses on the back of my shirt. Now, I flip out when anyone touches my clothes.


12. When they ask about the instructions that they clearly didn't listen to.

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Me: "OK guys, get out some paper and write your name on the upper left corner. Then write 3 sentences about your weekend."

Student: What do we take out? What do we write?

Another student: Can we just write 2 sentences?

Another student: Our first and last name?

Another student: Can I write my name on the left?


13. And when they ask questions about instructions that you thought could be left unspoken.


"Does this have to be written in Spanish?"

Really? You want to know if the Spanish assignment in Spanish needs to be in Spanish?


14. When they start drama.


Sometimes I feel like I'm on an episode of Love and Hip Hop. I literally spend half the day putting out little mini dramas they're trying to start. "So-and-so used to be my friend but now they're not. They're so-and-so's friend now." Ugh, who cares! Math, reading, writing! LET'S DO THAT!"


15. When they Snapchat in class.


I refer to Snapchat as the devil's app. I teach high school. It's constant.


16. When they cheat.


Cheat. I would rather have them turn in a garbage assignment than cheat.


17. When they ask you to repeat yourself.

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The most annoying things students do is ask about something you just said.


18. When they send their complaints through the parental grapevine.

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When students make their parents email me instead of just talking to me themselves. You're physically in my class every day. I promise we're not using some secret adult code talk. I'm not more likely to be lenient when their parents reach out, I'm less likely.


19. When they play innocent.


They would try to make slime underneath their desks, but would drop their containers and have glue and ink all over the floor. Then, they would act like they had no clue how it got there even though there was glue and ink on their hands.


20. When they tap you to get your attention.


Kids shouting "Teacher! Teacher!" as they continuously tap whatever body part is closest to them which is often my butt. My name is not teacher. Stop tapping me and learn my name!


21. When they YELL.


Even after being shown how to respectfully disagree with someone, still thinking that being the loudest wins an argument.


22. When they complain about group project pairings.

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Being petty about who they have to work with during projects.


23. When they need a bathroom break.


Coming late to class and then asking to use the bathroom. Or waiting for the moment that I've just started teaching and come up to my desk to ask me a question.


24. When they need another bathroom break.

Raising their hand in the middle of a passionate soliloquy about whatever text we are reading to ask to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. —rnuman825

Raising their hand in the middle of a passionate soliloquy about whatever text we are reading to ask to use the bathroom or get a drink of water.


25. When they start WHINING.

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For me, it's the whining. The constant variations of "Do we have to?!" It's an Advanced Placement class, so yeah, you have to.


Teachers, we salute you. Stay strong.


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Some responses have been lightly edited for length or clarity.

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