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    22 Tiny Homes That Are So Precious, They'll Melt Your Heart

    Dream big, live small.

    1. This tiny home that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale.

    2. And this one that has elevated all expectation.

    3. This tiny home that makes every day an adventure.

    4. And this incredible home that has more space outside than it does within.

    5. This tiny house that'll make you believe in magic.

    6. And this hut that thinks outside the box.

    7. This tiny house that literally lives on the edge.

    8. And this miniature home that's the definition of quaint.

    9. This tiny house that is posh AF.

    10. And this incredible one that has the dreamiest backyard.

    11. This tiny house that is anything but basic.

    12. And this tiny kitchen that doesn't sacrifice style.

    13. This tiny house that takes advantage of every nook and cranny.

    14. And this amazing bathroom that's probably way nicer than what you have in your regular-sized home.

    15. This tiny bedroom that is probably the coziest place on earth.

    16. And this one that's honestly got the best view.

    17. This tiny house that would give Abe Lincoln a run for his money.

    18. And this living room that's up on all the newest trends.

    19. This tiny house that's achieved perfect balance.

    20. And this one that defies convention.

    21. This tiny house that's probably the warmest place for miles.

    22. And this village that knows giving up luxuries doesn't mean you can't live in luxury.