17 Entryway Ideas That'll Make Your Guests Say "Wow!"

    Everyone needs a spot to hang their hat (or coat or umbrella or whatever).

    1. Hang a corkboard if you're aaaaalways forgetting things.

    2. Clean up an old TV tray to make an entryway table you can move whenever you need some extra space.

    3. Leave a stool in the hallway so you can plop down the second you walk in the house.

    4. Use a floating shelf if wedging a whole table into your tiny space just isn't feasible.

    5. Hide your stuff inside woven baskets if you've got a full house.

    6. Fill a tray with shells so your boots aren’t left to dry on your hardwood floors.

    7. Hook shelf-hanging baskets to the underside of a bench to take advantage of empty space.

    8. Disassemble a dollar store accordion rack so you can dress it up with a bit of spray paint and contact paper.

    9. Take advantage of the empty space and line the walls with bookshelves.

    10. Attach some hooks to a spice rack if your space is too small for a whole entryway table.

    11. Turn wooden dowels into decorative hooks with copper pipe caps.

    12. Make an organizer that’s got literally everything you need out of a few pipes, hooks, and boards.

    13. Or you could skip the boards and just hang the pipes right on the wall.

    14. Hang knobs on a plain white wall to give it a few pops of color.

    15. Prop up a plank of wood with some hairpin legs.

    16. Nail a set of evenly spaced boards so you can wedge shelves in different configurations.

    17. Or just prop up a coat rack — it's a classic for a reason.