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    7 Practical Tricks For Decorating a Small Space

    Stop the walls from closing in.

    1. Display your favorite necklaces, scarves, hats, and coats to free up drawer space and encourage you to wear them more.

    Coats, necklaces, hats, and scarves are lovely so put them out on display instead of cluttering up your drawers or closet.

    See the makeover here.

    2. Hide your less attractive items in baskets and wine crates. / Via

    Ask a local wine store if they have any crates they can spare. They'll usually give them away, especially if you buy a bottle or two.

    See this bright bedroom here.

    3. Use rugs and light to define rooms in open floor plans and studio apartments.

    Different textured rugs indicate a break in style and/or purpose. Light fixtures can indicate the center of a space, and different toned lights can signify different moods.

    See this apartment here.

    4. Hang mirrors across from windows and doors to create the feeling of more space.

    Long-legged furniture, which lets you stash storage underneath, can also be a wise investment.

    Get more tips from a tiny apartment owner here.

    5. Hang curtains across the entire wall for more texture and the suggestion of more window. / Via

    Short curtain = small window.

    Long curtain = endless possibilities.

    See the before-and-after shots here.

    6. Paint a statement wall (or statement section) to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space.

    Paint is super cheap and a pretty easy change to make. Just ask your landlord before you do it!

    Learn how to get a crisp paint line here.

    7. Most importantly, work decluttering into your regular routine.

    Instead of just waiting for it to build up, get rid of things as you notice you don't use them. Here is a list of stores that will take your old crap.

    See more photos of this 340-square-foot apartment here.

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