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    If These 31 Products From Target Don't Help You Stay Organized, Nothing Will

    Compression bags, lazy Susans, drawer organizers, and everything else you need to bring some order to your home.

    1. A stackable toy box that your kids can easily reach into and grab whatever they're looking for... And maybe, just maybe, put the toys back when they're done.

    2. An over-the-toilet shelving unit, so you have a place to keep your towels and beauty products.

    A shelving unit over the toilet with towels, vases, and a picture frame on the shelves

    3. An extendable closet rod that can extend from 30 to 60 inches in order to fit just about any closet. It would be so nice to not have to stuff your entire wardrobe onto one rod, wouldn't it?!

    A close-up of the extendable side of a dark gray closet rod

    4. A jewelry box with sliding trays because I have honestly never seen one that is quite as beautifully designed as this one. You can display all of your rings, bangles, and earrings in the same place without getting them all mixed together in one lousy dish.

    A three-tiered jewelry organizer with the padded tiers arranged in a stair-like fashion

    5. Or a jewelry stand if you have a bunch of delicate necklaces and have run out of ideas for how to prevent tangles and knots that are impossible to remove.

    A jewelry stand with a white base and three brass bars

    6. A picture ledge that actually has so many uses past displaying a few frames. Whether you have spices, nail polish, toys, or children's books that you want to get out of your cluttered cabinets, this ledge will be a lifesaver.

    A white picture ledge holding notebooks, a cup of pens and pencils, a jar of pins, and a container of paper clips

    7. A fabric cube to hide all of those miscellaneous items that always look messy out on your shelves.

    A fabric storage box with two handles and a blue floral pattern holding yellow towels

    8. A boot and shoe rack because your boots look sad all slumped over in the corner of your closet.

    A shoe rack with two pairs of sneakers, a pair of yellow rain boots, and a large tote bag

    9. A desktop storage unit to tidy up your tiny workspace.

    A clear, vertical set of drawers with three small drawers at the top holding paper clips, highlighters, sticky notes, and more

    10. A hair tools organizer, so you can keep your blow dryer, flat iron, and curler on your vanity without turning it into a mess of wires. As a bonus, there are magnets inside the wood that'll hold onto your clips and bobby pins!

    A wooden hair tool holder with three metallic cups and three divided segments

    11. A three-pack of S-hooks for all of those items you can't hang on hangers, but also don't want to shove in drawers.

    A set of three s-hooks on a white background

    12. A file box, so you can stylishly organize your important documents and keep them right on your desk.

    A white, wooden file box with metallic brackets, a bar for files, and two handles

    13. A 30-pack of hangers because mismatching hangers makes your closet look way more cluttered than it is. These look gorgeous and hold on tight to even your most delicate blouses.

    A set of 30 black velvet hangers on a white closet rod.

    14. Or a five-tier hanger if you want to hang your pants, but they take up too much room in your teeny closet.

    A wooden hanger with five black rungs holding a pair of blue pants and a pair of pink pants on a black closet rod

    15. An eight-tier adjustable wire rack that could transform your linen closet, your pantry, your garage... pretty much any space that has a door or an empty wall.

    A wire rack mounted on the wall of a kitchen holding various spices, oils, sauces, and large seltzer bottles

    16. A three-pack of compression bags, so you can fit twice as much in storage as you originally thought.

    A collection of white, gray, and green bedding arranged in a green room with three items packed into compression bags

    17. An adjustable shower caddy that has room for everything you need — a hook for your razor, a soap dish for your bar of soap, and two movable baskets for your shower products.

    A 3-tier shower caddy attached to the shower head holding three body products, a bar of soap, and a razor

    18. An underbed fabric bin for bulky bedding and clothing that you want to keep out of the way until winter rolls around.

    A gray fabric bin with a lid that folds over halfway

    19. A cosmetic organizer with 21 compartments, so you can easily find the item you're looking for with just a glance away from the mirror.

    A clear cosmetics organizer holding nail polish, makeup brushes, a bottle of mascara, a few cotton pads, a lash curler, and a bottle filled with a clear solution

    20. A six-cube shelf that will be the most versatile piece of furniture you will ever own.

    A light-wood cube shelf holding books, board games, a vase, two cube bins, and a speaker on top

    21. A utility cart with limitless possibilities because of the locking casters as well as the three shelves that can support something as heavy as an Instant Pot.

    A black cart with casters and three shelves holding glass bottles, cups, and a cup of straws

    22. A lazy Susan because this bad boy has totally transformed my refrigerator. Honestly, you should have these all over the house because there isn't one room that wouldn't benefit from its convenience.

    A white-and-black turntable holding cleaning products

    23. A cutlery organizer that is stunningly compact and will turn your tiniest drawer into the most efficient one you have.

    A wide drawer opened to display a skinny cutlery organizer with stacked compartments for spoons, forks, and knives

    24. A label maker, so you don't have to open every box and bin in order to find the stuff you're looking for.

    A Dymo Label Maker in its packaging

    25. A hamper with a funky pattern and two compartments that'll make laundry day so much easier.

    A wide hamper with a black-and-white pattern and a bamboo rim

    26. A decorative hook because vertical storage space is an organizer's best friend.

    A metallic hook holding a purple baseball cap and an Instax camera

    27. Or a magnetic hook that is as useful as it is adorable.

    A cheetah hook against a checkered background holding a keychain

    28. A two-pack of grippers, so that opening your utility closet isn't such a daunting endeavor.

    A white gripper holding a spray mop on the wall

    29. A pan and lid rack with adjustable dividers, so you can store basically every piece of cookware you own in one spot.

    A white organizer with metallic rings holding pot lids, pans, a casserole dish, sheet pans, cutting boards, and muffin tins

    30. A cabinet shelf if your measly cabinets are basically useless without a bit of a boost.

    A white shelf holding plates over a glass

    31. A magnetic knife bar to clear out a drawer and keep the most important tool in your cooking arsenal at arms' length.

    A set of four knives hanging on a magnetic strip

    You after you've transformed your home with a few of these affordable items:

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