I'm About To Make Your Day Because These 19 Problem-Solving Hacks Are Genius

    How to easily open a jar, clean your white shoes, and keep your lipstick on for hours.

    1. Wear rubber gloves when opening a jar to get a better grip on the lid.

    2. Rub vaseline on your inner thighs to stop them from chafing during those hot summer days.

    3. Wrap duct tape around your clippers to keep your nails from flying across the room.

    4. Roll an opened chip bag and flip over the corners so you don't need to buy extra chip clips.

    5. Or microwave stale chips to make them crispy again.

    6. Cover your laptop with an Ikea storage box so your screen can be in the shade but you can still get a tan.

    7. Drape a piece of toilet paper over the sensor so the auto-flush doesn't catch you by surprise.

    8. Brush a mix of hydrogen peroxide, water, and baking soda on your white shoes to get them looking brand spankin' new.

    9. Hide your bra straps behind your racerback with a paper clip.

    10. Rub your fingers on a spoon under running water to get rid of food smells.

    11. Squeeze some dish soap and pour some hot water into the toilet if you don't have a plunger.

    12. Cut tissue paper in the shape of your frames to plan your gallery wall so you don't end up with a bunch of extra holes.

    13. Dab some translucent powder on your lips to make your lipstick last for hours.

    14. Use a squeegee to reach the exterior of your windows from inside the house without falling out.

    15. Press cherry tomatoes between two tupperware lids to slice them all in one go.

    16. If you're desperate for wine but lost track of your bottle opener, stick the bottle in a shoe and bang it against the wall.

    17. Wrap pipe cleaners around plastic hangers so your tank tops aren't sliding off every five minutes.

    18. Stick silicone cupcake molds in your cars' cupholders so cleaning them out isn't such a pain.

    19. Hold onto a used dryer sheet to get those deodorant stains out without soaking your shirt.