14 GoT Fans That Turned Themselves Into Characters And It's So Good It's Scary

    Contour won't save you now.

    1. This White Walker who is cold as ice.

    Watch the dead rise here.

    2. This Child of the Forest who always had the best intentions.

    It takes the real Leaf ten hours to get into her makeup so this is pretty damn impressive. Watch her appear here.

    3. This Khal Drogo who slays.

    Watch him prepare for battle here.

    4. This Khaleesi who will eat your heart out.

    Watch her become a Queen here.

    5. This Hound who is really a softy underneath it all.

    Watch him burn here.

    6. This greyscale victim who is — sadly — days away from a painful death.

    Watch it spread here.

    7. This Cersei who will most definitely have her revenge.

    Watch her groom here.

    8. This Margery who can seduce the pants off anyone to get what she wants.

    Watch Marg get ready here.

    9. This Arya who definitely serves the Many-Faced God.

    Watch her put on her disguise here.

    10. This undead Sir Gregor Clegane who we wish would put his helmet back on, please and thank you.

    Watch his resurrection here.

    11. This Jon Snow who's not dead and I'm not crying, you are.

    Watch him die here.

    12. This Missandei who serves looks, but never in chains.

    See her here.

    13. This devotee who will convince you to join the Faith of the Seven.

    Watch the ritual here.

    14. This Melisandre who is busily doing the lord's bidding.

    Watch her cast her spell here.

    All of these makeovers are fierce as hell and I am not worthy.