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    If Your Apartment Is Too Hot During Winter, These 7 Tips Can Help

    Cover the radiator, open the doors, and close the curtains.

    If you live in an old apartment building, there's a chance you're sweating your butt off at home, even when it's below freezing outside.

    1. Install a thermostatic radiator valve or actuator so you finally have control over the heat.

    2. Cover your radiator with unfinished wood or a wool blanket to block the heat.

    3. Turn the ceiling fan on, and make sure it's running counterclockwise.

    4. Keep the curtains closed in rooms that get a lot of direct light, so the sun isn't making the space even hotter.

    5. Or stick tinted film on your windows if you're looking for a more permanent solution that doesn't involve you sitting in the dark.

    6. Leave the doors inside your home open so the heat isn't all trapped in one room.

    7. And open the windows to let the icy winter air cool down a sweaty room.