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    Everyone Needs These 16 Hacks Because, I Mean, Have You Felt This Heat?

    Playing outside ain't always fun and games.

    1. Bring a fitted sheet to the beach to keep the sand out of your stuff.

    Stretch the fitted sheet out with your bags and coolers to create a nice little barrier against the sand. Learn more here.

    2. Take a pool float when you go camping, and use it as a mattress.

    Just a little comfier than sleeping on rocks. Learn more here.

    3. And peel leaves off a bar of soap so you only bring as much as you need to the campsite.

    One leaf is the perfect size for one body wash so you don't need to bring a wet bar back to camp with you, and you don't leave any behind. Learn more here.

    4. Portion sangria out into Mason jars so you have something to sip on in the sunshine.

    Mix wine, lemonade, and whiskey in a large pitcher. Distribute chopped fruit into the jars, then pour the wine mix over the fruit. Make them the day before so the fruit has time to marinate. Top each jar off with a splash of sparkling water right before drinking. Learn more here.

    5. Line a collapsible laundry hamper with a trash bag to make your clean up after a picnic so much easier.

    When folded, collapsible hampers are lightweight and can fit in a knapsack. When it expands, it's basically the size of a trash can. Learn more here.

    Get a similar hamper from Amazon for $6.99.

    6. Cut up a pint to treat yourself to an easy ice cream sandwich.

    Andrew Gauthier / Via

    Cut the pint in quarters with a serrated knife, sandwich each between two warm cookies, and peel off the container. The warmth of the cookies will melt the ice cream just enough to make it soft and creamy. Learn more here.

    7. And make coffee popsicles if iced coffee simply isn't cold enough.

    Blend coconut milk, medjool dates, vanilla extract, and espresso powder and pour into popsicle molds. Learn more here.

    8. Wrap a wet paper towel around a warm beverage and stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes to cool it down quickly.

    Hannah Loewentheil / Via

    Because there's nothing more nauseating than a warm beer on a hot day. Learn more here.

    9. Shade your laptop screen with an Ikea storage box so you can get your work done without staying inside all day.

    No more distracting glare on your screen! Plus, giving your computer a little shade will prevent it from overheating. Learn more here.

    Get the storage box from Ikea for $4.99.

    10. Keep a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep mosquitos at bay.

    Anthonyrosenberg / Getty Images

    Dryer sheets contain chemicals that are toxic to and repel insects! Learn more here.

    11. Plunge your tools into sand and baby oil so they're nice and sharp when you're working in the garden next.

    It'll prevent them from getting rusty, sharpen them, and keep them lubricated. Learn more here.

    12. Stick your phone in a Ziploc bag so you can use it even if you just climbed out of the water.

    POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia / Via

    The screen may not be quite as responsive, but better safe than sorry. Learn more here.

    13. Fill a tent with sand so your kid can play in the shade.

    Zip up your shady sandpit when it's not in use to keep the critters away. Learn more here.

    14. Stick your bra in the freezer to keep the boob sweat at bay for as long as possible.

    15. Wrap a wet bandana around your pup's neck to prevent heat stroke.

    Hoomans aren't the only ones that get hot. Drench the hankerchief in cold water and wrap it around pet's necks so they can play outside even when it's hot as heck. Learn more here.

    16. And rub aloe vera on chafe marks to soothe your poor, poor thighs.

    Eric Larson / Via

    Whoever thought sundresses were a cute idea is either a demon or has just never experienced chafing. If you are afflicted by thigh chafe, aloe can help calm the irritated skin and relieve a bit of the pain. Learn how to slice an aloe vera leaf here.