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    18 Home Hacks To Try If You're Always Forgetting Things

    Always forgetting your lunch? Clip a clothespin to your purse.

    1. Hide a spare key behind a fake socket cover if you're always locking yourself out.

    2. Or create your own key holder, and hang your keys in your line of sight so you see them before you walk out the door.

    3. Clip a clothespin to your purse to remind yourself to bring your packed lunch.

    4. Or tuck a random object, like a coffee table book, under the covers when you need to remember something.

    5. Purchase a few timed outlets if you've left your hot iron on more than once.

    6. Pop a wine bottle filled with water into the soil of your potted plant, so your forgetfulness doesn't claim another victim.

    7. Place your medication next to your coffee pot or breakfast cereal so you remember to take it.

    8. Make an inventory of all your groceries so you never buy something you already have, and know what to cook without digging through your fridge.

    9. Hang your umbrella on the door handle if you know that rain is in the forecast.

    10. Write the purchase dates on the bottoms of your toiletries so you know when you need to toss them.

    11. Write down what needs to hang dry somewhere in your laundry, so you don't risk ruining another sweater in the dryer.

    12. Place things you need to put away in your direct exit path so you can't leave the room without bringing it with you.

    13. Write important birthdays on recipe cards, so you never forget to buy a gift again.

    14. Or hang a command center on the inside of a cabinet door if external reminders feel too much like clutter.

    15. Hang a notepad in every room of the house so you can make a note whenever and wherever you think of it.

    16. Stick this lovely decal on your wall so you don't risk a garbage overflow.

    17. Plug a spare charger into the kitchen outlet so your phone doesn't die in the middle of cooking dinner.

    18. Leave a bottle of cleaning spray outside the shower so you clean it before it gets really gross.

    Do you have any neat tricks we ~forgot~ to include? Tell us about them in the comments!