Make This Cool AF Sign With A Printed Image And A Scrap Of Wood

    My next side hustle.

    Create this cool light-up sign for your room or next party!

    You'll need a few things:

    * Scrap wood

    * Sandpaper

    * Water-based polyacrylic protective finish

    * Dishwashing or other waterproof gloves

    * Photocopy or laser jet print of your own design (note: ink jet prints won’t work)

    * Drill

    * Portable or under-bench LED light wand or strip

    * Optional: U-shaped saddle clamp/pipe clip


    1. Print the mirror image of your design (in Word, right click > format picture > 3D Rotation > set X rotation to 180).

    2. Sand the edges and surface of your scrap wood until smooth.

    3. Apply 1-2 liberal coats of polyacrylic finish to the wood.

    4. Before the finish dries, carefully place your printed design face down on the wood. Adjust the placement and then smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

    5. Let it dry for 2 hours.

    6. Spritz or pour a small amount of water onto the design. Let it soak for 1-2 minutes before gently rubbing away the layer of the paper. (Definitely wear gloves!) Use the soft side of a dish or bath sponge if necessary.

    7. Once clean and dry, tape or clamp your wood piece on top of more scrap wood. Drill small holes on your picture where you want light to shine through.

    8. Once you’re finished, give your wood piece a final light sanding.

    9. Attach your light wand or strip to the back of the wood with duct tape. Use U-shaped tube clamps if necessary.

    10. Optional: Tape squares of colored cellophane to the back of the board for different colored lights.

    How lovely!

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