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21 Ways To Make Your House Smell Like Heaven Just In Time For The Holidays

Make sure your ~house smell~ is actually a good one.

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1. Simmer coffee beans and cinnamon sticks to make your home smell like the coziest coffee house.

It'll make your house smell nice and humidify the air. And it's better than refilling a clunky humidifier. See how to do it here.


9. Wind some yarn into a ball to keep your laundry from tangling in the dryer.

Dryer balls also help fluff your laundry and reduce static cling. A couple drops of essential oils will make your clothes smell less like burnt toast and more like a field of lavender. See how to do it here.

11. Clear up congestion with these DIY shower gels made of just essential oils + baking soda.


12. Grate some Castile soap, add a couple drops of essential oils, and mix it all with laundry soda if you don't want to purchase those expensive pods.

13. Mix baby oil + essential oil to make a custom air-freshening diffuser.

All you need to do is fill a vase with oil and essential oils (try baby oil if you want the liquid to be clear), and stick in a few rattan diffuser reeds. The best part is — no open fires! See how to do it here.

14. Toss one of these vinegar-and-lemon ice cubes in the garbage disposal if it's starting to stink.


21. Soak citrus peels in white vinegar for a naturally-scented cleaning spray.

This version uses lemon peel and rosemary, but you can pretty much tailor your cleaner to your own preference. See it here.