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    15 Soundproofing Tricks To Try If Your Neighbors Are Keeping You Up At Night

    Did you know that plants can help reduce sound? I sure as hell didn't!

    1. Stack your books on the wall you share with your neighbor if they have a yappy dog or terrible taste in music.

    2. And rearrange your furniture to get as far away as you can from the noise nuisances.

    3. Strap a latch catch to your door knobs if your kids (or roommates) are constantly slamming doors.

    4. Wrap pool noodles or insulation pipes in fabric and attach them to your bedroom door to block out the sounds of your roommates in the hallway.

    5. Line your windows with caulking cords if you're so sick of the darn birds waking you up every morning.

    6. Get yourself some of those big plants that are all over Instagram, so your home can feel more like a zen garden and less like a zoo.

    7. Hang blackout curtains to muffle the sound of trucks and other traffic screeching by.

    8. Turn on a white noise machine to drown out those rowdy kids creating a ruckus outside your bedroom window.

    9. Sprinkle baby powder or baking soda over floorboards, and work it into the seams, if your partner is always waking you up when they get up to go to the bathroom.

    10. Cut foam to the size of a large board and wrap fabric around both if your laundry machine makes a huge racket.

    11. Or hide a mattress pad behind canvases if your kid just started taking music lessons.

    12. Stick foam or felt on the backside of your furniture if you're sick of hearing conversations happening on the other side of the house.

    13. Or stick cork on your walls if you're just trying to get a little peace and quiet in your home office.

    14. Layer rugs to muffle the noise that the people living on the lower floor claim to be hearing, and to stop the clicking and clomping of your shoes.

    15. Or drape tapestries along the wall you share with your roommate who's up at all hours of the night playing video games.