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    If You're Always Tired, These 17 Illustrations Will Make You Feel So Seen

    10 more minutes....

    1. You constantly struggle between your love of bed and friends.

    2. There is nothing you hate more than waking up early.

    3. And your loved ones know that waking you is a bad call.

    4. In fact, you hate waking up at any time before noon.

    5. And coffee is the only way you get anything done.

    6. Honestly, it's shocking that people expect you to be chipper before your fourth cup.

    7. You are persistently tired and you would do something about it if it didn't mean less time in bed.

    8. There are only so many cups of coffee you can drink before you just give up and go take a nap.

    9. And anything can provoke exhaustion.

    10. You count down the minutes until it's time for bed, but there are just so many minutes.

    11. Your brain is telling you it's time to get up but your heart is telling you you'll never be ready.

    12. You would do anything for just ten more minutes.

    13. It's so difficult to leave your bed that sometimes you think you deserve a freaking medal just for doing it.

    14. You know there's a whole world out there but no where is quite as comfy.

    15. Sometimes you wonder why you're always so drawn to your bed.

    16. But then you realize you just really enjoy it.

    17. Sometimes, you know you just need to make time for yourself.