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    4 Ways To Gift A Bottle Without It Looking Like You Just Forgot To Buy A Gift

    Champagne, but make it extra sparkly.

    You've been so excited for your friend's birthday party and the day is finally here and you love them so much and OMFG YOU FORGOT TO BUY A GIFT.

    No worries! You know that bottle of wine you've been saving? It'll make a LOVELY gift. But let's dress it up a bit, yeah?

    1. Stick Ferrero Rocher chocolates all over a champagne bottle so the gift-getter can have their wrapped present and eat it, too.

    To make it extra special, turn it into a pineapple!

    2. Wrap flowers around a wine bottle with rubber bands to make your bouquet look huge without paying a crazy price.

    No need to take out a vase! It's included. 😉

    3. Shower a champagne bottle in glitter to make the bottle poppin' even more glamorous.

    Absolutely magical. ✨

    4. Make your own wine label with your favorite photo of the two of you and a few stickers.

    How sweet! ❤️

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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