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These 7 Stores Will Recycle All Of Your Old Crap, And Some Will Give You Perks

Here's where you can earn cash back, coupons, and more.

1. Drop unwanted garments of any shape, size or wearability at your local H&M in exchange for a discount coupon.

2. Drop off your electronics, appliances, and ink cartridges at a Best Buy.

3. Trade in your old books and Kindles on Amazon to get Amazon credit.

4. Recycle your old Apple products when you replace them with new ones to (possibly) receive store credit.

5. Drop your old denim at Madewell to get $20 off a new pair of jeans.

6. Send all of your old clothing, bags, and shoes to thredUP.

7. Recycle your worn-out sneakers with Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe.