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    15 Gorgeous Offices That Make Going To Work A Whole Lot Cooler

    *pins the entire Pinterest headquarters*

    1. Airbnb's office that could be more accurately described as a theme park.

    2. Each room in Dropbox's headquarters is designed to accommodate a different mood and level of focus.

    3. The Paris WeWork is like all other WeWorks except that it's fucking gorgeous.

    4. The Edmunds headquarters is a dream for anyone who was obsessed with cars as a kid.

    5. This Bahnhof data center that is literally in a cave.

    6. The "Knitting Staircase" at the center of Pinterest's HQ lets in natural light and creates a connection between all four floors.

    The design has elements — such as the waffle ceiling in the lobby — that are both classy and quirky. See more photos on IwamotoScott Architecture.

    7. The origami-inspired shapes at Bond Collective divide up the space to make it more efficient.

    The colors are just neat. The design is exclusive to their Gowanus, New York, location.

    8. The design of Twitter's "urban campus" has plenty of natural elements such as reclaimed wood and wave patterns.

    The office also incorporates the work of local artists. See more photos on Lundberg Design.

    9. The iHeartRadio HQ is perfectly fitting for the celebs who stroll through their front doors.

    10. The New York Fosbury & Sons workspace is just so cool. It isn't surprising that it was inspired by NYC's High Line park.

    This self-proclaimed "office with a soul" works to provide an experience akin to a hotel with swanky art installation, customized furniture, and warm colors.

    11. Etsy's sustainable office has plenty of sunshine and is, of course, covered in crafts.

    12. Ministry of New is as glamorous as it is homey and mixes history with contemporary design.

    Facebook: ministryofnew

    Mumbai's first collaborative workspace offers breathing room and community in a congested city.

    13. Squarespace's offices are as chic and streamlined as their website templates.

    The yin-yang design was meant to represent both styles of working: the solitary and the collaborative.

    See more photos on A+I.

    14. Second Home's curved spaces curb the "lost" feeling of wandering around a maze-like office.

    15. Of course Taco Bell's headquarters looks like an arcade.